I was wondering does anyone know where i can learn the architecture for the "gecko" processor?

i got the gamecube and let me tell you this! it rocks! :)
it's pretty sweet... looks ugly as hell but the graphics are incredibile. gamecube is sooo small it's weird... and the disks are small too... pretty cool. this just might save nintendo :)

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  1. My first guess would be to look at the ibm website...after all, they make the processor..
  2. game cube is a great way to get rid of old celleron/pentium3 processors! :)

    Why do i feel like the lone sane voice in the mental assylum?
  3. I got both the Xbox and Gamecube for my son. I think the Xbox is superior, and has better controllers. As far as which has better graphics, that will have to wait until we get similiar style games for each machine.

    The Gamecube is incredibly small, but seems cartoonish. Of course, this is simply the games we have for it. Can't wait to see a good first person shooter so I can compare it to Xbox's Halo.

    Both systems are hugh improvements over the last generation. Xbox scores big with its hard drive for game saves. No need for memory cards, unless you want to move saves to another Xbox.

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  4. IBM doesn't reveal which processor "gecko" is built on. The specs suggest that it may be a PowerPC 750.

    The "users manual" can be found at
    (i hope)..

    In short it is a 2-way superscalar, 32bits RISC-processor, with 2 low latency non-pipelined integer and 1 fully pipelined fp execution unit. It has 32+32kB L1 cache and 256kB L2 on chip. It is said to run @ 485MHz.

    ..or, it's another processor =/

  5. x-box is big and bulky and clumsy lookin and full of bugs. it also has the microsoft name and i hate microsoft! Microsoft doesn't need more money from us. Also ya great it has a hard drive.... did you know a hard drive has a life span of 3 years 5 years max? go ahead and shake the xbox while it's still on and see how long it lasts! :) I prefere the memory card way this way the only way you can lose your data is by losing the memory card and not a hard drive head crash!

    Also its a pentium 3! a non-gaming cpu paired with a geforce3 card. sounds like a computer. I want a gaming console not just another PC. I have enough crashes to handle with my PC as it is don't wanna have to deal with the xbox too :)

    either the gamecube is great i think! and i'm 23! almsot 24. my dad loves it and he's 50. ya it looks looney but so what? i like looney :)

    gamecube and PS2 .. anything with the word microsoft i'll burn!

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  6. [rant]

    So how is your Linux desktop coming along? Got loads of games for it? Maybe you use BEOS then? How do you find it?

    Face it, Microsoft is a reality. Sure they are big and bad and mean, but then why not, they can be. Welcome to capitalism.

    I don't see how people get the arse so much with MS. Sure there are lots of issues, but there is a hell of a lot of flexibility in their stuff, and that forces compromise.

    People moan if the OS does not support all the hardware, then people moan if it is unstable. You cannot have it every way you know. To attempt to do so costs money - voila! Windows.

    Sure, I'm no fan of Microsoft, but until anyone has a believable plan for something that is an alternative, quit bitching!


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  7. that's the only game i want for gamecube.... (/me drooling)

    Hey Baby, I'll install YOUR RAM, if you boot my Hard drive!
  8. microsoft is a God sorry .. you're right.. they have never done anything wrong... i mean ya 200 bucks for an operating system is a good deal! 500 bucks to type word documents is a steal! no you are 100% right! microsoft products are the greatest! I have yet to see a microsoft product crash. (IE6 crashes at least once a day) and the xbox (which crashed at the expo i think?) is just the greatest thing ever! i mean a 8GB hard drive with a life span of 3-5 years! hey whoa don't drop it! might get a head crash. haha ... silly kids ... and wow you can even play dvd's on the xbox too! er.. oh wait lol gotta buy that sepperate. We all know how innocent micrsoft is when they try and milk the public saps (aka average user)!

    man that microsoft! wow they are just the greatest company ever!

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  9. I will have to agree with Peteb on this one. He brings up points I tell to virtually everyone proclaiming that Microsoft sucks.

    Regarding the $200 OS fee, well, wtf do you think you are buying? Just another game? Christ, the OS is what makes the friggin system work! Hell, that price sounds quite good.

    On your $500 Office description, just look at what comes in the bundle? An extremely powerful set of office and home use programs. I agree the price is a little high, but it's the best solution out there.

    They are quite a good company. Most people just need something to bitch about. So, if you just want stability and only able to do databasing, DNS'ing, and so on, go switch to Linux and have a ball. I'll be happy being able to run virtually every program out there, while your stuck with an apps list half a page long.

    :tongue: Have you ever tried cooking an egg on your HSF? Tasty. :tongue:
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    The xbox is crap, this behavior is ok for computers but consoles are NOT supposed to have bsod's or driver errors, ms can take their mini computer and shove it.

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  11. who cares how much microsoft products cost.. it not like you cant get them free
  12. There isn't many appealing "Xbox exclusive" titles now, and there won't be for a long time. As long as it has to compete with PC's...

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  13. Hmm... makes you wonder if MS's products would be so expensive if people DIDN'T steal them.
  14. I don't see the cube or the box standing a chance against the PS2. Why? Four words... Metal Gear Solid 2. Oh yeah baby!
  15. I must agree. Since ps2 is still using ordinary CD's, it was so simple to be able to play back ups and even back up the games! who would buy a console thats new and plays smaller disk, or whatever disk microsoft is using, for their games..when you can get an awesome system that's been out for a while now where you can play back up games. Cheaper, same game, same graphics, much better deal i think. Though, i still want a gamecube..just because i've had mostly every console since atari :) i still doubty i'll be spending $500 on an xbox package
  16. I have to admit that before Win2K, I was also using pirate Win9x. But then I realized that there are people working hard to produce this software.

    In my opinion, everybody should have respect to the hard work, so I went to local store and got my nice hologram :)

    I also don't understand people who are using pirate Windows complaining about unstability and how crap MS is. You get your software for nothing, so SHUT UP!!! Right?

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  17. PS2 games come in both normal CD form, and DVD form.

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  18. People love to bash Microsoft because they're the at the top of the heap, at least as far as operating systems go. If they disappeared tomorrow and someone else took their place, people would find reasons to bash the new guy. People will always find something to complain about, no matter how good things are overall. Microsoft definitely isn't perfect, but they're not the spawn of Satan that a lot of people like to make them out to be. Like someone else said, welcome to capitalism. Now Rambus, on the other hand, IS the spawn of Satan ...

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  19. riiiight ...

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  20. no it's because micrsosoft is a monopoly and they will continue charging as much as they want and continue charging large amounts of money because there is no competetion.

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  21. oh by the way... computer science major here and yes i know what an operating system is you fool. Seek some angry management counciling!

    you sound like a typical user. oh ya, "hey it's 500 bucks for a pentium 2 450" "well hey what do you think you're buying a kids toy" ... :) ... how much are they now? why? because of competition! "welcom to capitalism" ... dork

    you users piss me off. Always thinking you know it all when it comes to computers. Take an actual class and you'll see what a computer really is.

    It's insane that a company charges 500 dollars for a program and 200 for a striped down version of the OS from the pro version. Linux is like 50 bucks. You can actually get it for free online. if you have actually used linux you would know it is a much better OS then windows by far.

    the sad thing is that you are justifieing the cost! thats like justifieing intel charging as much as they did for their cpu's.

    get real fool...

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  22. Linux will never be a better os than windows, because it does not have the support of the hardware vendors, tom did a soundcard review a few weeks back, and not one of his soundcards had linux support. Linux may be stable and fast, but as long as it does not have support from anyone but the linux community, it will do nothing.

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  23. Actualy, their products are a bit cheeper (Like half or less) if you get the OEM versions with no microsoft support.

    Mac has the same problem with the OS, and the Hardware costs more. I don't see people bashing them.

    He's not saying that Microsoft is the best company ever, but he is saying that you don't need to flame them.

    In general, I try to give all products a fair shake, dispite reputations. If I didn't, I'd probably still be using Intel chips. Unfortunately, I'd be running on my P2 300 still because I wouldn't have been able to afford to upgrade.

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  24. sounds like the voice of reason to me.

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  25. That operating system has 38 million lines of code (Win 98) at last code. It cost a huge amount to develope, they have to recoup their costs and turn a profit.

    Did you know there never was there ever a cat so clever as magical Mr. Mistoffeles?
  26. Yes, electronic engineering Ph.D student here. Methinks you should actually respect other peoples opions. Quite a few people on this boards are actually practising engineers and do know what they're talking about.

    Secondly, I've been using Microsoft products for a while and I will say that for the most part, they are perfectly good enough for me, but I guess that some people have more exacting standards.

    Did you know there never was there ever a cat so clever as magical Mr. Mistoffeles?
  27. if that additude was the same for intel and amd there would be no 40 dollar processors.

    as long as we all stupid enough to spend 260 bucks to type word documents or 200 bucks to run your computer then i guess we are stupid enough to spend a 100 bucks a year for the license as microsoft wants just to use our computer!

    Keep it up! Soon it'll be a 20 dollar service charge a month to run your computer!

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  28. Dear Lord, we've all turned trolls. Here are the correct steps to take on here.

    1. Figure out what the hell you're talking about.
    2. Post

    Got it?

    Firstly, the Xbox did NOT crash at Comdex last week. My VP was there, he told me about the Xbox demo about 30 minutes ago.

    Secondly, the picture of the Xbox crashing is from the XDK, or Xbox Development Kit. Any programmer will tell you it's really easy to write a program that crashes on purpose. You'll never see a GSOD on the retail Xbox, it's there for debugging purposes. Ever seen a Nintendo crash? I have, several times (N64). Perfect Dark froze on me a few days ago.

    Come on, people. I thought you all were smarter than that. Think for yourselves, don't let other people think for you.

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  29. ummm no

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  30. No to what? That made no sense.

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  31. who cares move on live life... if you wanna continue spewing your rhetorical nonsense then don't expect me to make any sense to what is already a nonsensicle arguement.

    can't make sense to something that already doesn't make any sense. You've already stereotyped the entire conversation as a "troll". whatever your definition of "troll" is?

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  32. Well you have to reallize this. With the N64 you ever noticed that the game and the console are hot after a while. Its called heating. Basically it frozed due to heat.

    Nice Nvidia and ATi users get a Cookie.... :smile: Yummy :smile:
  33. Ummm, most of this isn't helping me decide whether I should buy the GameCube now or wait until Zelda comes out for it. As far as the X-box, some company should make an emulator soon enough, or at least the fact that the games are easily ported over. Get a nice USB adapter for the controllers and there you go.


    P.S. If every computer in the world had the exact same hardware (like gaming consoles do) Microsoft wouldn't have the problems with stability once the initial bugs were worked out.

    Ouch!!, I caught my floppy in my PkZipper.
  34. My definition of a troll is someone who uses nonexistant/bad information to back up biased arguments, and won't listen to reason when it is thrust in their face. At least, that's the best thing that came into my mind just now, I might have to change that later.

    Well you have to reallize this. With the N64 you ever noticed that the game and the console are hot after a while. Its called heating. Basically it frozed due to heat.

    Of course, I'm just stating that consoles crashing are not a new thing.

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  35. of course ...


    How often does your hard drive crash? And whats the life expectancy of a hard drive?

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  36. Woot! Woot! Great sig!!

    If it's working...overclock it!
  37. i know! people flaming me over microsoft! who would have thought!

    well x-box is big and bulky and will crash (read hard drive crash). The game cube doesn't have many games but when zelda and metroid come out. You're gonna want to at least rent the gamecube. PS2 is a great system. I don't have it but just look at the game selection! it's huge!

    My dad bought the game cube to play zelda and metroid. *shrugs* it's a great system though! PS2 is good too. But nintendo has a much better picture quality that the PS2 simply can't touch.

    I'd get the PS2 personally. although the gamecube IS a GREAT system.

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  38. I have never had a hard drive crash, go bad, or even have one bad sector.

    Life expectancy of a hard drive (MTBF - Mean Time Before Failure), is typically 3-5 years.

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  39. Just so you know, Zelda sucks on GC. Have you seen it already? It's a 2d animation game with ugly character design!! I mean they look cartoonish, and I think it is a wrong way to put a new GC Zelda!
  40. thats kind of dumb to mention that cos NO ONE HAS SEEN IT. not even out. won't be out for a long time too. Next year 2002. Why waste your time telling me untruths.

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  41. first of all 3d zelda really sucked. Zelda was never meant to be 3d.

    Second of all, Microsoft doesn't suck.. If any of you play games then you probably have an MS os so shut up.

    Third of all, the xbox with its p3 chip shall whip all your OC'ed athlons in game performance for many years to come.

    AMD = Anger Management Disorder
  42. One thing I can guarentee - I don't need to 'take a class' to know what a computer is. Throwing statements around like that is foolish and childish and males you look dumber than you probably are.

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  43. You're still in college right? Well I suggest you get out of college and spend some time in the real world. Out there you will learn much more that your college is teaching you and you'll get dropped into a real job market and realise the you know exactly 10 % of fvck all about IT and computing.

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  44. Ya i have to agree there my buddy is a IT for husky corp up here says his college sh*t did nothing for him they were so vague and unclear he nearly gave up the whole idea of being a IT good thing his boss liked him.


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  45. Hmm, maybe you've been under a rock.

    Yes, there are screens all over the net of the new Zelda. It's based on a 2d cell shader. They've also changed the character design, making it look very "un-Zelda-like."

    -¤ Shut the f*ck up or go AMD ¤-
  46. Not that I'm saying it looks bad btw, but the shading does make Link look like a pussy and it lacks some detail.

    -¤ Shut the f*ck up or go AMD ¤-
  47. Zelda the ocarina of time rocked, it was called the best game of all time by many people, so I dont know what crack you have been smoking.

    The new zelda looks stupid I agree, ONLY LOOKS. The gameplay may rock, I dont know but the animation is awesome, just not what I would envision for zelda.

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  48. The xbox has a celeron, not a p3, and anyone with a gf3ti500 and a decent computer will be able to out game the xbox.

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  49. The X-Box has a P3 chip. I Believe its a 733 MHz.

    And Microsoft is NOT evil damnit!!!
    I get so sick and tired of hearing people moan and complain about microsoft and how they suck.

    I admit some of there products have sucked (WindowsMe) but some of there products I think are GREAT. I love win2k, it is a very good OS. Microsoft takes heat for every hardware problem. If something crashes it is "Windows Sucking" and not the [-peep-] drivers writen by god knows who in a small office building in The Philipines (spelling?) There are SO many factors in making an OS that an occational bug may come up. Big deal. I feel like microsoft does one hell of a job posting patches and admiting to flaws in there code and striving to get them fixed. Once again its their fault when IT techs are to lazy to update a security patch that fixes a vunerability in its ISS services. Its "Windows Sucking" again.

    MS is a monopoly because they make decent products. I love linux, I use linux, fact is though MS has much better support and I can do alot more with my win2k box than I can my linux box. It took me a week to find drivers some one wrote for my sound card in linux. Lets face it that is not practical for the everyday common user. MS charges 500$ for office? SO what? I agree 500 bucks is crazy for software, but Adobe charges the same for photoshop? Does that mean adobe is evil too? And MS has lower cost suite like MS Works for the home user. Office is targeted for cooporate use. To coorporations 500 pucts is chump change. You'll be able to do 90% of what ever simple at home tasks with MS Works which costs about 80 bucks. Its like getting a big teraflop number crunching multi processor system to sit at home and surf the web with and bitching that they PC vender charged to much for your system. I got my copy of Windows 2000 for about 100 bucks. OEM. Why is it so bad to have to pay for a operating system? I mean as said before IT MAKES YOUR COMPUTER WORK! It is a critical part of a system. Should we complain that we have to pay for processors? Pay for graphics cards? They should all be free right? I don't think companies are going to strive for improvements and to make good software/hardware if they don't turn a profit. They have to put food on thier table to. And don't start moaning about them being rich, cause there is 1000 other ways besides writing software for MS to get rich in America. If you don't like it move to cuba and take a dose of communism.

    If other companies would release prducts on the same level as microsoft, microsoft would lose market share! Just look at Intel/AMD. Intel use to be a huge monopoly, and some what still is today, but AMD is doing one hell of a job taking those George Washington's from Intels Wallet. Why? Because AMD is making better products than intel right now! (arguable?) Very simple. Its not like everyone is buying MS cause thier products are shitty. I remember when Netscape was the greatest! I loved it back in the 3.0 days. Internet Explorer was a big crock. But then IE4 came out and I was amazed with the new features. Netscape's new version on the other hand I didn't like as much. So, I switched, just like I switched from Intel to AMD.

    Don't hate on a company and point fingers cause they are on top. MS is not perfect by any means but can you show me one company in any field that is?

    BTW, back to on topic. I plan to get a game cube for zelda, and metroid. Those games rule. And everything I have heard about the x-box from friends has been positive.

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