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I reinstalled Win XP Pro over Win XP home as a fresh install without formatting (overwrote Home files)...

There is a User folder in the documents and settings folder called Owner.... I have no read write or view access to this folder. I get an access denied message when I attempt to open it. I am the only set-up user with administrator priveledges....

How do I gain access to this folder?!?
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  1. Gee, I hope someone has the answer because I have the same problem:

    My system is a 1.2 Athlon, MSI K7T turbo2 mobo, GF3, 120 gb WD hd, 30gb IBM, dvd, cdrw, etc., etc. latest drivers, etc., running xp pro.

    after my system crashed, i could not use any input device. after rebooting, same problem: no mouse or keyboard. i tried safe mode, last good boot, etc., no luck. i even unplugged both mouse and keyboard from the usb ports and tried installing ps 2 mouse/kb, no luck. Same problem. Even a serial mouse would not work.

    SO, i tried to reinstall windows xp pro on the same partition (C:\ on my WD120) , saving my old settings--or so i thought, but when it rebooted, guess what? neither my mouse nor my keyboard would work. i was frozen solid again.

    SO, i installed xp pro on my D drive, the IBM, which i set as the master and my old WD became the slave.
    Eureka, i finally had my mouse and keyboard back again. I thought I would be able to access my old files from the orignal "Documents and Settings" folder on the WD drive, but I am getting an "Access denied" message.

    I thought I might be able to use the import settings tool from new new install to get the files and settings I want, and i can infact, see my original folders (but not the files) but it wont let me import them.

    Can anyone help? PLEASE!!!!

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  2. Right-click the folder and choose <b>Properties</b>. Click on <b>Security</b> tab (you need to clear the check on <b>Use Simple File Sharing (Recommended)</b> for the tab visible. It's in <b>Folder options</b>). Add your User name, and check Full control.

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  3. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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