Athlon XP 1800+ at 1.1 GHz?

Hi all,
I just bought the components of a new computer, including an Athlon XP 1800+ and an Epox 8KHA+ motherboard. Friday morning I took it into a local shop for them to put together and picked it up Friday night.

When I got home and turned it on, Windows Control Panel > System Info was reporting a clock speed of 1.1 GHz and said I was using an Athlon MP! I then checked system info from two other programs, Norton Utilities and Fresh Diagnose, and they both say the same thing: Athlon MP 1.1 GHz.

Are these programs just wrong or did the local shop install the wrong chip? Is there any way I can determine for sure what chip is installed?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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  1. You could go and check under the Heatsink and check the processor, however before you do that, make sure your system is running at 133 FSB. But, even if the FSB is wrong, it sounds like you're not running at the correct multiplier. You should be running at 11.5, sounds like you're running at 11. It might be rounding off though.

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  2. ahhhhaaaarrr matey!

    what ye' problem is is ye' landlubbing FSB!
    ye' pesky FSB has been keelhauled to a fleabitten 100Mhz!

    whatcha do me matey is head off to the poop deck (your bios) and twiddle with the mainsail! (twiddle your system bus speed to 133)
    if ye motherboard is a seadog, ye will have to change tack the old fashioned way! (check the motherboard for 100/133 jumper setting)

    smooth sailin laddy! and watch out for the squalls!

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  3. Ah, very interesting. Thanks for the answers guys.

    FSB sounds like a good theory because Windows says I'm running at 1.15. And 1.15 x 1.33 = 1.53.

    But I don't really know how to change the FSB. The book that came with the motherboard does have a "CPU Host Clock Select" jumper that switches from 100 to 133, however. Is that FSB?

    Can you tell I'm new at this? :)

    Thanks for the help - I really appreciate it!
  4. Yes, thats the fsb jumper, set it to 133.

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  5. Wow! You made my month! And saved me the $50 the local guy would have charged to set correctly what he set incorrectly last week.

    I just changed the jumper and now the system reports Athlon MP 1800+ at 1.53 MHz!

    Thanks to everybody for their help - I am in your debt!
  6. Sounds to me like you should get your money back from the numbnut at the store who set it up for you. At least it was an easy fix for you. Have fun.
  7. Athlon MP 1800+?? SHouldn't it say XP 1800+?? Well at least my comp says XP, oh well..maybe your board needs a bios update so that it can show XP 1800+. To me it just sounds better :)
  8. arrr matey.... tizz good to see ye hard workin sea legs have solved ye problem...
    if i waz in ye boots i would keelhaul the scurveydog who peddled you that processor and string him up the mizzen mast!
    full sail ahead!
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  9. Maybe the store took his XP and replaced it with a MP.

    This is why I do everything myself.

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