Which laptop is best?


I have to buy a new laptop, my old one is....to old, and would like som advice.

If you compare thoose 3 laptops, which one would you buy?

*Dell Latitude E6520 i7/FHD Notebook
*Lenova thinkpad (anyone...)

Or do you think there is better alternatives on the market in that pricecatagory? No gaming at all, just school, business, video and internet. Mostly writing.

Ps. Is Windows Ultimate best for my use?
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  1. Lenovo

    Business class with as much power as you pay for. Rock solid.

    No, Win 7 Pro or Home Premium will be fine.
  2. If you could provide links, that would be helpful.
    It sounds like mobility is important to you, I recommend something light with good battery time.
  3. Hello gaisyngre;

    What price range are you working with?

    Do you have links & prices on those 3 models so we can check the features for each?

    I agree with MISRy; Home Premium or Pro editions are all you need for your intended usage.
  4. I would like the best possible computer for maximum 1000 Euro, about 1500 dollars. I wouldnt cry if I could come away with 1000 dollars.

    I watch movies every day, surf a lot and I also need it in school, 8 hours per day.

    Thx for the help guys
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