New SSD and W7 Ult. 64 stuck after logo screen...

Okay so I just bought this Intel SSD and a nice OEM copy of Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit for my friend.

The computer is currently running on an i7 920 with 6gigs of corsair RAM, and a Diamond Radeon HD 4870 X2, which at the moment is loading on a 250gb seagate with XP 64-bit.

So the general fact that the computer is working under these circumstances (which is also allowing me to post here at the moment) leads me to believe that all of these components are functioning properly. I am even able to access the SSD while booting off this other harddrive.

However when I boot from the Windows 7 disk and do a fresh install (deleting and formatting any and all partitions on the SSD and starting from scratch) the installation gets to the point where it says "completing installation" which appears after restarting once I believe, and then after that it goes to the windows logo screen. After the logo screen the G15 keyboard lights up and says G15 which tells me that it's loaded to something, however the monitor says "entering power save mode" and turns off. Basically there is no signal going to the monitor.

Now I'm not able to tell if the computer actually froze at this point or is just no longer sending a video signal.
If this were a problem with the graphics card wouldn't it also be apparent with what I'm doing now?(booting XP 64 from the other drive)
At this point in the installation process I've tried booting into the SSD with safe mode, which works, BUT it tells me that it can't complete the setup process in safe mode and that it will restart so it can continue.
I tried Advanced Boot options like the low graphics mode, and some diagnostic mode. Neither worked.

So naturally I tried deleting partitions and reformatting and reinstalling windows about two more times, both with the same result, however on the second time it actually froze on the "completing installation" screen.

So right now I'm at a loss as to how I should proceed.
It doesn't look like the SSD is faulty since it's brand new and shows the so far installed windows files on it while viewing it from this other boot. So I'd like to avoid an RMA until I can be sure of the problem.
Unfortunately I don't have access to another video card to try in the computer, and the motherboard doesn't have on-board video, so that's out.

If anyone has any idea what I should try next that would be as simple and pain-free as possible please let me know!
I'm hoping this is something very simple and stupid that I'm just not thinking of... :(

Thank you.
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  1. Alright so it happened again. I install Windows 7 and after it restarts to load in, logo comes up and then bam the monitor is no longer receiving signal...

    It almost seems like it's sitting at some screen waiting for me to do stuff, but obviously that's not gonna happen if I can't see the damn thing...
  2. Something interesting that I noticed...
    I loaded into the windows disk and tried a repair, and it had the drive listed as D: rather than C: for some reason...
    Although it found no problems and is still not working.

    I see no way upon creating a fresh install to set the drive letter... is this possible?

    Also, I have the other drive unplugged at the moment so the SSD is the only one on. I don't see any reason it would have set it as D...

    Please help!
  3. Come on guys I'm dying here! Need some suggestions!
  4. If you have any other video card than the 4870 X2 use it to load the Windows 7 64 OS. Switch it out later. Also, the MB supporting the 920 and six GBs of RAM has no chipset or system drivers installed. Try with one DIMM RAM in slot 1 only. Add the other 5 gigs later after the voltage, timing and speed has been correctly set in BIOS and MB chipset drivers have been installed.
  5. Tried redoing the entire installation process with only one stick of RAM, same exact issue.

    I'll try to see if I can get a hold of a different video card to try, but is there anything else I can do?

    Keep in mind this entire setup works on the XP 64 installation with no problems.
  6. I just wonder if it's not the driver for the 4870 X2 causing the installation to fail like that. The Windows 7 'native' system driver may not be a good match for that 'dual' card. A single card could very well solve the problem in my mind. That is what I would try.
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