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<b>I'm getting ready to upgrade my PC. These are the parts I'm looking to order for the upgrade. Does everything look good to go here?</b>

ENLIGHT EN-72370X3C4 MEDIUM ATX TOWER CASE with 1 Internal CaseFan - OEM Recommended by AMD and INTEL Pentium 4 Ready with 300Watts Power Supply

SHUTTLE AK31A AMD K7 VIA APOLLO KT266A SOCKET A ATX MOTHERBOARD - RETAIL New Ver.. VIA VT8366A/VT8233 Chipset. Supports AMD K7 Athlon/Duron FSB 200/266 Processors. Four 184 Pin Up to 4GB DDR SDRAM DIMM. Onboard AC97 Audio 1 4XAGP, 6XPCI, 1XCNR. Supports ATA 33/66/100 MB/s IDE Interface.

AMD Thunderbird 1.2GHz 266MHz Bus Socket A processor Retail Box Version with HeatSink and Fan

CRUCIAL MICRON 256MB 32x64 PC 2100 DDR RAM - OEM 184-Pin, CL=2.5-Unbuffered 2.5V Requires DDR supported Motherboard - Lifetime Warranty. OEM/ NOT RETAIL BOX.

<b>parts I already own:</b>

Riva TNT2 video card 32meg RAM
Soundblaster LIVE
Standard 3.5 floppy
Standard Lucent Win modem

<font color=red>all this HARDware nonsense is giving me a headache!</font color=red> :frown:
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  1. Sounds ok - I'ed get some more fans though and mod the case a bit. 1 Fan isn't really that much. Unless of course it's a large case. Then you have plenty of room.

    Just reread - medium case. This should be ok, Don't forget though youare now using high sepc equipment - ie 1.2 gig is quite high. so cooling is becoming more and more important. check these guys out for ultimate cooling <A HREF="" target="_new">Chill Me </A>

    Good luck.

    You are responsible for any damage the info in your post may cause to my system.
  2. If you dont overclock, one case fan and the retail heatsink is all you will ever need.

    "The Cash Left In My Pocket,The BEST Benchmark"
    No Overclock+stock hsf=GOOD!
  3. yeah...I've heard those chips can get fairly hot. I'm not much into games, but I still want a fast PC. I'm considering doing some home recording on it and I use Photoshop also so the faster the better in most respects. However, I was considering maybe a little slower chip since I'm not a gamer. I also don't want to upgrade and then be out of date...

    <font color=red>all this HARDware nonsense is giving me a headache!</font color=red> :frown:
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