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In order to change back the format type of my system disk from Dynamic to Basic, I took a system image using Win 7 Pro System Image Tool and deleted all the partitions on the system disk, change the format type to Basic using the Command Prompt, and restored the image. Unfortunately, the format type restored also to Dynamic!

Did I missed any step? or there is something wrong?

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  1. There's nothing wrong at all. A system image is just that, an exact copy of the entire system, including partition and formatting information.
  2. So, What is the correct solution ?
  3. The correct solution is to backup your data, repartition using the correct type, reinstall clean, then restore your data. This is the official Microsoft supported method.

    However, there are several completely unsupported, and potentially lethal to your data, methods developed by others. Here's just one:

    Keep in mind that I'm not suggesting that you do it this way and take absolutely no responsibility for loss of data.
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