Windows 7 Won't Boot

Apologies if this is in the wrong section, I wasn't sure where was best to post this.

After trying to boot my PC this afternoon, I was met with a blue screen and suddenly I could longer boot to desktop. I Googled the issue, which the computer said to be a corrupt registry file, and the general opinion was to perform a system restore from the disk.

After turning the house upside down, the disk was still nowhere to be seen. My friend's got a 7 upgrade disk, though it's not quite the same as it only gives me the option to install a new copy and no options for System Restore or CMD, which I'd prefer. When I first had the error I opted not to do a restore straightvaway, but now I can't locate the option. I'm considering using my friend's disk as it seems to keep my data but I'd prefer not to lose any settings, installations etc. Note that losing files is not an option as I've got lots of important work-related documents on the PC, as well as personal photos, files, etc.

All I need to do is to fix one of the registry files, yet without the disk what seemed like a simple task has now become quite a challenge. Could someone offer some advice? Thanks. :)
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  1. If it gives you no options for you to "repair" (it will be located in the lower left hand corner of the FIRST window that comes up with the installer, it does not notice that Windows is even installed, and you will have to do a clean install. There is no repairing this.

    If you need help getting to a point where you can get data off the machine (like pictures and stuff) let me know and I can help as well. Otherwise, just do a "custom" install and delete your partions, make a new one and GO! :D Use your product key, not his.

    If you would like a downloadable ISO of the disk, let me know and I can provide you with one directly from Microsoft as well.
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