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Anyone else here think that AMD's Extreme Performance Project is a waste of their money? Don't get me wrong, I love AMD and their products but I think the assets that they're putting into the project could be better spent on a better marketing campaign like TV ads and such. I just can't help thinking about the thousands of processors and systems they're giving away and the resources they'd need to fund such a project. Besides, the people who actually attend those AthlonXP giveaways are most likely AMD enthusiasts and they're the ones who don't need to be educated about the Mhz Myth because they already are aware of it. It's the common users who need to become aware of the myth and this should be done through other marketing strategies. (not just pr-rating)
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  1. You may be right. Unfortunately, they don't have several million to spend on an ad campaign like Intel. I think the best way to gain more market share and public confidence is for Dell to use their cpus.
  2. "Marketing Campaign"? "TV Ads"? AMD has no idea what those things are.

    Seriously, I can't believe AMD doesn't have at least some mainstream advertising aimed at Joe Schmo. The only ads I've seen about the "megahertz myth" have been a couple in the trade mags. What good do those do, since they are read by IT Pros and they already understand the issue of clock speed vs. performance.

    I know AMD doesn't have tons of money to spend, but still it seems to me that their marketing campaign is seriously lacking.

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  3. Someone should really write to them, or since THG has confidence by AMD and they know the staff, it would be damn fine if Tom forwards our requests, as professionals.
  4. And by advertising and getting Joe Schmo interested in their cpus, they achieve what? Joe Schmo does not build his own system.

    The only way that adertising will help is to agree with a major OEM to use AMD cpus, and for AMD to foot all or most of the bill for advertising. There is not point pushing AMD to Joe until Joe has something to buy it in.

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  5. No, joe doesn't build his systems, he buys them pre-built. There are Athlon systems available. Joe (and his Mother, Father, Grandma, etc.)is a lot more likely to buy one of these systems if he has heard of AMD and the Athlon.

    It's called Brand Recognition, one of the principles of advertising. See how well it works for Intel?

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  6. Bought an A**paq with a Duron...

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  7. Yes, But Joe is much more likely to buy a Dell, HP, Compaq, brand OEM than a small shop OEM machine, for the very same brand recognition issues. Until AMD persuades those vendors to carry AMD cpus they are going to have a tough time selling to Joe.

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  8. Stop insulting Joe! :) What strikes me as odd is that even though AMD won that poll dell gave, they still don't offer AMD CPU's.

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  9. "megahertz myth"
    its hard for the joe look the other way, as even AMD make their newer models with higher clock, so he's like "O this mechine has a new 1400Mhz model izit?well seems that the next mechine has 2KMhz?ummm..but the brand name is difrent?!..thogh i know(=/)what Mhz is right??"
    rather simple to see why the rating system and all other efforts by AMD.

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