Upgrade from Windows 98 to 98 SE?


I am sure this question has come up and sorry to bring it up again but my current dilema is this...I run Windows 98 but in order for my new cd burner to operate I need Windows 98 SE (failed to see the fine print).

I read somewhere before there was a 98 SE update disk to make the old Windows 98 into the SE but going to microsofts page I see no mention of this.

What I do see in stores is the Windows 98 SE upgrade which is a pricey $100 :( So my question is is this my only option?

And my second question is will the SE Upgrade pack upgrade the lesser version of 98? because from reading the discription it upgrades Windows 95 is it safe to assume it would also upgrade my old Windows 98?

Thanks in advance and sorry for my ignorance but I am trying to learn :)
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  1. Yes, it would upgrade either 95 or 98. Or you could just borrow a 98SE OEM disk from a friend and use that to upgrade if you deleted your registration file, I'm fairly certain it's called win.com.

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