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my son created a logon password for this Gateway W650i Laptop; password reset disk no longer known to exist and now I am locked out of it. it has Vista Home Premium on it. I am able to get into the BIOS with F2. is there a DMA or Mode setting that will allow me to restore it to factory preloaded software?
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  1. did your laptop come with OS cd? reinstalling could help

    but first while booting up, hit F8, boot in safe mode and log in as administrator (hopefully your son wasn't pro enough to set the password to the hidden admin account as well) and change the password for your default account
  2. I went to the recovery console to create another set and when I pushed the factory icon, it took me to an administrator page and prompted me for my password; It didn't work... I have access to my BIOS and I am supposed to be the account administrator but nothing I have tried to thid point is working. Now, I was trying to uninstall and re-install the console to hopefully restore the options to re-create the driver discs and system recovery settings; But, I have now unfortunately been unable to restore the Gateway Recovery Console now too.
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