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I like this system K7266 Pro (MS-6380) it has some problems. But easy over clocked. I been running for 4 days at 141/282fsb 1,667 ghz. On a 1.53ghz 1800 system. The temp been 58c AGP Speed been 72mhz. And I can Up the speed in Windows. So if I dont need the full speed it can be tone down. If I feel it too hot I can change it. And if I leave it on and it gets too hot the computer will reboot. Setting back to the old 133mhz setting. I will be looking for a better heatsink/fan. So I can up the FSB to 150/300. Which should be about 1.72mhz which would be what Amd 2100. If this FuzzieLogic3 Let me go that high.

The problem I have now is my USB ports. Once I get that fix I should have no problems.
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  1. if you want to overclock that XP1800+ to hell then i really reccomend either the alpha PAL 8045 or the even better Swiftech MCX462.

    i just got the MCX462 today. it cost a bucket but its the sweetest heaviest nasty air cooled heatsink you find :)

    cant wait to install it!

    P.S. dont forget that an Overclocked FSB also overclocks your PCI cards, AGP card and cd/hard drives. some things may get touchy at 150fsb or above.

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  2. Its getting touchy Pass 141/282 FSB. I need to look for one of the better video cards. Guys Gals let me know what you think which video card would help on Speed.

    And hay thanks for the info
  3. I would check out the new ati radeon 7500 or 8500 ($110-180). The oem versions are only about 5% slower but alot cheaper. Yahoo has several listings with reviews.
  4. Price is no Matter. I want it to be fast as can be.
  5. sure its the graphics card now?
    nvidia cards traditionally have been pretty decent at handling elevated FSB.

    tried removing other things like sound or network cards instead?

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  6. The Nvida Gforce 3 cards can handle the faster fsb. It will be nice when someone tests the new ATI cards so we will know how they do with faster fsb.

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  7. I can always remove the video cards sound card Modem but when I put them back they go for the same spot.

    I dont think the video card has a problem. I think it taking the same spot as the USB port which make the problem.
  8. Well I found a workaround. I m useing a joystick port and a USB port for my dual joysticks. Now I can play my game again LOL. Now can give me some ideas on good video cards. What work for you and your friends.

    Go in bios and disable the Plug and play.
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