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Hi i recently bought a G53J-A1 gaming laptop from asus. I noticed the battery life isnt over 2 hours and drains quite rapidly, I was wondering what i am able to buy to make the battery life longer? the laptop battery is 8 cell and this is my first laptop i bought. Can you guys give me links to good quality but not to expansive attachments or replacement battery to make the life longer? thanks!
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  1. Emerald said:

    thanks for the quick response. I am in canada and dont want to pay a lot of money to get it shipped from europe tho. Prefer to buy from canada/us and another question is that is it possible to use a 6cell battery instead of a 8cell? because i heard 6cell lasts longer

    Saw a 6 cell battery in the UK but cannot find it in the US.

    if you find it, I think it was a 4400mAh 14.6v, it should work.
  3. If your battery is relatively new do not expect a new battery of the same a/hr rating to last any longer. What it will do is alow you to swap batteries when AC power is not available.

    It looks like the 8-cell 5.4 A/Hr battery is the larges capacity battery you can get.

    DO NOT expect to get the "Advertized" run time. - Rating are for very low power conditions and normal usage decreases this time considerably. Gaming and watching a DVD can cut the "Advertized" time amost in Half.
  4. hmm it looks like the place you bought it from has played up you must check they have great quality batteries my battery works fine for 3 hours i have dell inspiron laptop
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