Cables I am going to need for building a new comp?

I am building a new computer and I have all the parts but now I need to know all of the cables that I need. Will most of the cables come with some of the parts or do I need to buy them seperatly? I already have a monitor and printer so I don't need those cables but what other ones do I need?
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  1. I don't think you need to purchase any cables separately. All the cables I needed came with the components I bought.

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  2. Most boards come with one 80-pin ATA66/100 cable and one 40-pin ATA33/PIO cable. This is fine unless you have UDMA 66 or 100 devices on both cables (most CD/DVD drives are UDMA33).

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  3. Most motherboards come with the stuff Crash mentioned. Many drives (especially retail-boxed drives) come with additional cables of their own. Speakers almost always come with their own cables; printers usually come with power cables but often do not include data cables. Modems typically come with a short phone cable. CD-ROMs usually come with a "CD audio" cable to connect to sound cards, but the CD audio cable often has the wrong type connector on the sound card's end.

    Wake-on-LAN-enabled network cards typically come with a WOL cable. Network equipment typically does <i>not</i> come with data cables.

    In short, the stuff you buy will almost always come with enough to get your system on its feet. Any odds and ends you end up missing can be bought later.

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