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Hey all, i currently own an msi gx740 which ive added an i7 720qm and also 8gb ocz ram. everything else is std uk spec 5870m, wd 320gb scorpio black and in my opinion it handles games really really well i've had no issue yet. I've just ordered an alienware m15x i7 740qm, 4 gb 1333mhx memory, gtx 460m and just a 250gb hdd. i think the screen res is 1600x900.i know desktops are better i have a custom built 990x with gigabyte guerilla mobo 12gb corsair dominator ram and dual 6990.i mainly use the laptop as im now a fulltime dad and need to be where my 6 month old is really my questions are

A) which is better now?

B) will the alienware supply me with better gaming for a longer time?

thanks for any advice
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  1. A) I would say the MSI is. The cpu may be slightly worse, but it has double the ram, a better gpu, and a larger hard drive.

    B) I don't see how it would, if the MSI offers better performance right now. As far as reliability, I have never had experience with MSI laptops, but I think they are both good/decent brands.

    That being said, why did you order the Alienware when you had the MSI already? I don't mean to sound rude, I just don't understand the point to having two laptops that are similar in performance. Also, where did you order the alienware from? Its processor is a last generation one and I didn't think Dell even made them/had them available to order on their website anymore.
  2. i ordered the alienware as i want one... the msi is great, i put the processor and and ram in myself but it runs very hot i have to use a laptop cooler to keep the gpu at 86 degrees whilst playing cod. otherwise it pushes 90. ive but arctic silver on the gpu and cpu and its ridiculously hot. i hear the alienware is a good all round laptop with good cooling. also im selling the msi to my mate who wants it but he puttin the i5 450m back in and putting the i7 in his gx660r... all i want to know really is, is the alienware as good with games, as im fed up with the msi build quality and so on. moneys no issue really but i dont believe i need a super spec laptop with my awesome desktop which i try get on at night
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    Ah okay. Yes, the alienware will handle current games fine in med-high settings. With it you can enjoy games on the go, and then max them out with your desktop. I would say the alienware should last a while if you take care of it. Don't expect to keep running games on high, as games will require more and more as they keep coming out, but with your desktop you should be fine.
  4. is the 5870 really a better gpu? i hear such mixed reviews... i read there is scope for improvement with the nvidia drivers, why are so mant new laptops coming with the 460 1.5 gb if its so poor?? the 8gb ram will be going in alienware :P
  5. I though it was, but after looking at certain benchmarks, they seem about equal. However, I'm certainly no laptop expert, I'm better with desktops. I would wait for someone else to reply that knows more than me. As for drivers, yeah, there are a lot of faults right now. I've heard Nvidia is STILL having problems with optimus drivers and getting them right, but oh well. Hopefully someone else here can reply and help you out.
  6. well thankyou for your help dude. im sure you appreciate why i want the alienware out of the 2 systems. im looking forward to receiving it
  7. No problem. I'm sure you will be happy with it, I see it get recommended quite a bit so it's good.
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