IEEE 1394 on laptop without ieee1394 port

I am attempting to broadcast live monthly meeting/presentations.

I am using a Sony DVCamcorder with a 6-pin firewire/ieee 1394 connection.
Normally I just record the presentations, edit them, and post them online for viewers to watch.

I would like to broadcast them live.
I have the software needed to do so.

My laptop does not have a firewire connection
and in order to connect to a remote server and broadcast the video feed
I am using a Broadband card in the laptops only PCMCIA slot

Does an external Firewire card exist - that can be plugged in via a USB connection?

Are there any other options for getting a 6-pin firewire camcorder connected into a laptop without a firewire/ieee 1394 connection?

I prefer not buying a new laptop,
but will buy an external card,
or one of the little adapters that switch from ieee 1394 to USB - if they work and don't destroy my hardware:

If anyone has any experience in this area,
I would be very appreciative to see any advice.

Thank You...........
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  1. What you want is something simular to the USB->serial port convert.
    Foud this, But don't think they will work for your intended use.
    Read user coments on 2nd link.
  2. Thank You Retired Chief,
    That's right - I'm looking at those type of connectors - if they'd work.

    they are cheap, but before I try them,
    I'm curious if anyone has tried them before - specifically with DV camcorders,
    because I don't want to damage an expensive camera with a cheap little connector.

    I'm pretty sure the signal and power coming from a USB port is different from an ieee1394 port.

    Do you have any experience with the USB ->Firewire connectors you mentioned above?

    I have not seen or found any other options yet though.

    THank you!
  3. No experience. My desktops have Firewire, My laptops do not. Newest laptop has USB 3 so really do not need the speed of firewire. I do use the USB->Serial port adaptor.
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