AMD XP or P4?

I´m buing a new PC. I cant decide between a P4 1500 with 256Mb RIMM(800 Mhz) and an AMD XP1500+ with 256Mb DDR(266Mhz).
Can u give me a tip?
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  1. He!Heeee!
    I think I know what the majority of the people will advice you to buy.
    Go for the AMD.

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  2. AthlonXP 1600+ gives the best price/performance, you should consider that, and get a good DDR board, if you get one with ALi Magik1 rev C go for it. Its supposed to perform at par with KT266A, many people will recommend you against VIA.

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  3. What's wrong with VIA? I've used them for two years now, and not a single glitch, on the other hand, ALi, er-hmm, should we say makes ddr-ram perform like sd-ram? what's with the rev c? is that a bios update? in my opinion, the ali chip needs a total redesigning to make it usable, anyway, whereabouts did you read that it's on par with via kt266a?

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  4. Do you use your system to plays games (Especially 3D RTS, and FPS)? I've seen people report far more problems with systems using VIA chipset (I don't remember the particular revisions) in regard to gaming. Most common problems reported are game hanging up after about five or ten minutes. IIRC (If I Recall Correctly), I think it had something to do with the AGP and the PCI sound card interferring with each other. Requires that the user find the correct most up-to-date VIA drivers to correctly resolve the issues (About as much fun as an Easter Egg hunt).

    Disclaimer: I'm not an AMD user. My opinions based on past observations. I'm considering the Athlon XP but waiting for the verdict on the other motherboards set to appear on the market soon.

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  6. Go with the P4 for unmatched performance and stability. people claim you can save money buying AMD but its not true.

    AMD is plagued with problems, its a crap shoot on what mobo to get. god forbid you get a bad run of motherboards like Matisaro where he had to swap it out 5 times, because 4 motherboards were bad... You will pay extra for PSU when you find out later that your machine is unstable and crashes, only after swaping out other parts determining the problem. LOTS of wasted time.

    Northwood will be out very soon, thats the one to get.

    Northwood = AMD "PR" killer... err PR ver 2.0 soon

    Take a few minutes and randomly click on "help" posts, notice they are all AMD based "why does my system crash/lockup/overheat/not boots/reboot" problems.

    Go into the motherboard forum, notice that almost all the posts are AMD based systems with problems, GL finding a Intel problem post. its hard enough to find a Intel problem in the CPU section.
  7. Ignore Fugger, AMDMeltdown and Intel_inside in any thread, they are all liars.

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  8. Quick thought, if you go the Athlon XP route, go with a 1600+, since the performance increase is great and the price doesn't change that much ($1 difference on Pricewatch).

    Now Fugger, the reason there are so many Athlon problems on this board is because of the large ammount of Athlon owners who post here. I would guess that 80% or more of the people who post here are Athlon owners. And more system-from-scratch builders build Athlon systems due to the price. However, system-from-scratch is more suseptable to problems than any other system due to the nature of picking and choosing parts.

    As for unmatched performance and stability, tests continue to show that a P4 does not perform as well as the Athlon XP. Heck, there was one test (Linux Kernel compiling I think) where a Celeron beat out several of the P4 systems. Is a P4 a performance slouch? Not by any means, but it doesn't perform as well as the XPs.

    Where will this leave people when the Northwoods come out? No one is quite sure. Some say that it will kill the Athlon, some say that it is better than the P4, but not by a lot. Some even say it could be worse than the P4.

    On the PSU issue, it is true that Athlon systems tend to have tighter power requirements, however, it is always a good investment to go with a high end power supply anyway. The P4 may run with an inferior PSU, but that doesn't mean it's good to have one, as it will eventualy shorten the life of your parts. Plus, if you have lots of fans and other pereferals on the PSU, you could have power issues anyway.

    As AMD becomes a bigger and bigger player in the CPU market (By market share, not by performance), Problems with their systems will likely become less pronounced and QC improves and technology grows better.

    Now, my personal oppinion is to go the AMD route. RDRAM is overpriced and underperformaing, and the P4 doesn't give you as much bang for the buck as the Athlon. However, both systems will perform quite well and be good for a few years, so you need to choose for yourself.

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  9. now now...liar is such a harsh word...lets just call it "bending the truth so intel looks better" for the question that was originally asked (w/ the xp 1500 and P4 1500)...i would say get the xp 1500+ cuz it performs significantly better than the current P4.
    but if you wait for the northwood may be a better processor than the athlon xp.
    now...if only we knew how the northwood will perform...

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  10. Liar is NOT a harsh term for FUGGER, my kingdom for a link to his(and my) FAMOUS "my 3dmark 2001 score" thread.

    I will look back in the graphics forum for it later, im gettin tired and theres 20 threads left to check.

    Suffice it to say, fugger was proved a liar on more than one front.

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  11. i think it is...but its ok....i'd rather call it not telling the truth...anyways...
    what about that 3dmark score?

    I don't claim to know anything about everything, I just tell people what I know.
  12. hehe, you teltrolls (intel+trolls) bring a smile to my face everyday, do you do b-day parties to? you put on one heck of a show :D true, you really do need to spend top dollar on a psu for an amd system, because you need a second power connector for an amd, it draws that much power, doh! that's a p4, my bad. you're telling me you run your p4 on a generic 200w psu?. and northwood will be out very soon, but key phrase here (say it with me people) "will be out very soon". in my mind it's still VAPORWARE. i can't even count how high whenever someone wanted to talk about the hammer you'd run your garbage. and don't say well raystonn has one, granted, james bond can't post benchmarks, so it does me no good. but with all that aside, private message me your address, i want to send you an xmas present, a shovel, it's getting pretty deep.
  13. Its all in your mind Matisaro, your yet to prove me wrong about anything.

    All you can do is claim my screen shots are doctored or My scores were fixed. jelousy is getting the best of you.
  14. Actually it's you who has yet to prove anything right.

    Maybe I missed it, but I don't recall ever seeing you post that 7500 in 3dmark2k1 on a stock p4 with a non-oc'd card like you bragged about. If I remember correctly you broke a couple computers trying and then finally had to overclock everything.

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  15. _Shit spelling is obviously getting the best of you. Please, if the guy is considering a P4 1.5 and an XP1500 he should go the XP. If he's willing to wait for Northwood and pay more and get better performance.... he should. But for the present, he should grab an XP.
  16. Don't listen to Fugger, he has no clue what he's talking about. The Athlon XP running on any decent KT266A motherboard (MSI, Asus, Gigabyte, Epox) will give you a rock solid, stable system that will outperform Intel systems for less money.

    Check out this article where even a 13-year old kid can put together an Athlon system without problems.
    <A HREF="" target="_new"></A>

    BTW, Fugger, the addition of more cache on Northwood isn't going to fix everything else that's broken in the P4. The die shrink will allow higher clock speeds but, on the other hand, the Athlon is going .13cu and rumor has it Thoroughbred will also contain 512kb L2. Lets not forget that the Athlon will also benefit from SOI next year (Barton), so I think it's safe to say AMD will retain the performance lead next year. Ohhh, did I forget about Hammer?
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