Symptoms of over-heating?

I've got an Athlon 1.4Ghz and a Gigabyte GA-7DXR. I'm having huge problems with the computer locking up, randomly and completely, requiring a cold boot.

I've got a dual fan CPU cooler, the case is open, and I've got a system fan so I find it hard to believe that it's over-heating but I can't think of any other reason why it would happen.

Generally speaking, what are the symptoms of over-heating?


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  1. The dual fan CPU cooler you are talking about, is that the POWERFUL (according to THG) Silverado CPU-cooler from Noise Control ? If so, over-heating could be your problem, especially if you are running it at 6V.

    Regarding the symtoms of overheating, I wouldn't really know, since I've always used Intel CPU's. You'ed better ask some of the poor guys in the AMD camp, which have suffered just like you.

    Sorry guys, I couldn't help it. Please forgive me. :-))
  2. The 7dxr has a ribbon sensor that makes contact with the back of the CPU. It is very accurate. Monitor you temps and see if your system is actually overheating.
  3. Ok let me give you more of an intelligent answer....

    I had the same mobo with a 1.2 ghz processor and I had the same problems until i flashed my bios with the newest may want to give it a whirl and check and see if yours is the lastest revision....and ive not heard of a double fan for this processor (well one that has high regards in terms of cooling)...if you want really good cooling go with the silverado, which is really good and quiet or if you want extremes get the swiftech mc462...

    as far as intel cpus...i had an athlon 1.2@1.403(9*165)with a geforce 2 ultra that was spanking my roommates 1.7p4 wth a geforce 3 in benchmarks (unless it was over 1280 resolution which of course the video card is the major player) but had to say it =-]....but now i have an atlon xp1900@1740mhz and there is no contest hehe...

    and as far as cooling my cpu does run warm when its overclocked (a luxery that all intel fans only wish they could do =-]...)
  4. The only part I believe is that you spanked your roomate. Geforce 3 > Geforce 2 (we know you already lost at 3Dmark benchmarks) you also lost at memory bandwidth and Q3 too. Im sure you won at MS word performance (210 FPS in MS word!! you rock). GG

    Im supprised Fatburger didnt police this post and correct that typo!
  5. symptoms of CPU overheating are:

    download Motherboard Monitor to find out what yours are.

    stability when the cpu is idle (except in extreme cases), but regular lockups once a CPU intensive task is run for a little while.
    use toast or seti@home or prime95 or sandra to stress the CPU.

    generally your CPU temps should be below 65.
    and the difference between idle and full load shouldnt vary excessivly (15-20C tops)

    i also reccomend you use motherboard monitor to keep an eye on your voltages. dips in the voltages indicate a poor powersupply. poor power can also cauze lots of random crashes.

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  6. You forget that the original GeForce 3 is <i>not</i> all-around faster than the GeForce 2 Ultra. It gets a good boost in DX8 software, but in older software it doesn't do all that much better. In some cases the GF2 Ultra actually wins for speed. The GF3's real claim to fame is better image quality and better DX8 support.

    As for memory bandwidth, we've all seen the P4 win in synthetic memory tests and lose in almost everything else...

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  7. Ignore Fugger, AMDMeltdown, Intel_Inside, they are liars, 99% of what they say is ignorant and biased.

    AMD technology + Intel technology = Intel/AMD Pentathlon IV; the <b>ULTIMATE</b> PC processor
  8. Thanks for the replies :-)

    The cooler is a Twin Majesty cooler....

    I find that my processor temp in the BIOS is much higher than 65, generally around the 100 mark. I had thought that this was a mistake as it couldn't run that hot but each time I check it out the temp is around the same.

    I'm not over-clocking in any way, and the heatsink never really gets that hot, though overall the system gets quite warm, including the graphics card (Hercules 3D Prophet 4500).

    What may be of note is that I can't install XP - it locks up as soon as I press enter on the 'To set up Windows XP now press Enter....' screen. Maybe this has something to do with it?


  9. 100!
    That's hot enough to cook you.
    I hope this is only error in measurement, if not, you are burning your processor down.
    Check again and check carefully you did install the HSF properbly, apply with heatsink grease, sitting on to of the processor level and firm etc.

    For the HSF you're using, I think you better replace it with a conventional design, with big heatsink, fast fan (5k~7Krpm).

    I think the processor is suffering from overheating.
  10. Quote:
    Im supprised Fatburger didnt police this post and correct that typo!

    It was my day off, but thanks for thinking of me :)

    BTW, it's called an "apostrophe". Learn it, use it, love it.

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