3dmark06 cpu i7 low fps

Hello, everybody!
I've got little problem with my dell studio 1558.
Brand: Dell
Model: Studio 1558
Bought From/Price: nvm
OS: Win 7 home premium 64 bit
CPU: Intel I7 720qm
GPU: ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5470
Resolution: 1366x768
Usage: nvm
Real World Battery Life: around 1, 1,5h
Your Rating: nvm

When i was buying it, when i saw the specification, i was thinking that it will be a nice machine, but when i installed some games i was very disapointed. Even games like gta 4 wasn't working smoothly.
I had to change details level for minimum to be able to play... I started reading about this machine and some ppl were saying that the gpu is integrated and very low performance. I decided to oc the gpu. When i get all what i could of it, i've started testing. In 3dmark06 i have around 4800 points... The strange thing is that in the cpu test result was around 40 frames(0-1 fps).
And now my question :D
What is wrong with this laptop that i cant even play games produced year or 2 years ago on a high details? I tried to update all drivers, and when i wanted to install something for turbo boost i shown that my notebook is not supported ;/ (lol)
Maybe You could help me with that weird problem.
One more thing. Sorry for my english! :P
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  1. aimoob said:
    What is wrong with this laptop that i cant even play games produced year or 2 years ago on a high details?
    The ATI Mobility HD 5470 graphics card isn't going to support even older games on high settings.

    Your results are pretty much what you can expect from that card.
    ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5470 review
    Comparison of Laptop Graphics Cards - gaming performance list

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  2. So it is fault of gpu or cpu? I think it shouldn't be that low fps on cpu test. If i am wwrong, correct me then please ;]
    btw thx 4 help ;]
  3. The 5470 is only a 80shader gpu. It sucks and cant play new games.

    I had a socketa 3000+@2.58ghz/ati-9600xt@600mhz till i got a used 939-x2-4400+ and board/mem. Both running winxp.

    Games i got running on the old 3000+/9600xt.
    Try running these playable demos to see if they run,,,older games with decent graphics.... FEAR (not fear2), prostreet, farcry(not farcry2), half life 2 (valve/steam) based games (there is about 50 of them out there), willrock(kinda like serious sam hd) bloodrayne2, The first call of duty game, Call of duty 2, ut-2003/2004, midnight clubII. GTA vice city. Serious sam II. Left4dead (not left4dead2) Dirt (not dirt2),
  4. If the laptop is almost new and the store will let you exchange it, you could get the phenomIIx4 or athlonII x3 or x4 laptop with the hd-5550m instead, it has 320 shaders, but the cpu is slower than your i7.
    That new 480 shader liano would be nice, but i am not sure how long it will be until they are in stores for sale.

    With amd you need 320 shaders or more, with nvidia you need 96 shaders or more. The more shaders the better.

    It's better to get them paired with the intel cpus if you can find them, but the regor dual core (athlonIIx2) is ok, the x3 and x4 is better, just make sure it is not a single core cpu. There is a single core celeron and athlonII so be careful.
  5. Agreed.
    1) don't overclock anything in a laptop (surprised there's an option)
    2) look for games that your laptop WILL play nicely. Most games won't but there are some games that work okay. Get a bunch of demos.

    Example of older game that should run nicely:
    Deus Ex (#1)

    I recommend going through the Gamespot list (in order of Rating), and find demos for these games.

    *it's unlikely that there is a modern laptop that is bottlenecked by the CPU and not the GPU. Unfortunately, a good GPU not only adds to cost, but produces much more heat which in many cases is annoying to unbearable when using the keyboard.
  6. Thanks all guys for so much help! One more thing. Is there any option to add or replace the gpu? If it's able, please post here a nice gpu witch i can put into it, how can i do it or could i do it myself(my knowledge about build of computers is middle-high xD) + price for that operation. :)
  7. The only graphics card offered with the 1558 were the 512 MB ATI 4570 or 1 GB GDDR5 5470. As such it doesn't have the heavier cooling necessary for a more powerful GPU. And since it was the only graphics card offered it was likely soldered to the motherboard.

    IMO your best bet would be to sell your Studio 1558 home entertainment laptop and buy a gaming laptop (Dell XPS series for example) or at least a laptop with a much better GPU.
  8. I also seen this,,,, your hd-5470 is close to the popular 780g and 880g.(hd-3200,4200) all are 80 shader amd gpus. People have found games that run on the 780g.

    Yes overclocking the hd-5470 is a good idea, as long as it is not locking up or having errors, others are saying the small 80shader gpu overclocks well.
    (its the same as the hd-2400, hd-3200, hd-4200, 5470, also called the 780g, 880g and 990g.)
    as you can see there are 3 models and the top one runs at 750mhz.
    800 or 850 might work too.
    As you can see in the picture, its a RV710 core, a 55nm hd-4550. It's not really a 5xxx series gpu. The flagship 4xxx series the 4890 runs at 850mhz, so 800mhz should run ok on the hd-5470.
  9. The difference in price to get a gaming laptop is so high that I just have to recommend an XBox 360 slim for gaming and an inexpensive laptop for your mobile computing needs.

    Eventually laptops will do a great job of gaming but we're not there yet.

    There's simply no way to provide adequate cooling (large heatsink) in the space provided.
  10. http://www.onlive.com/#1


    $10/month? Seems ok. It's alot cheaper than buying a actual gaming laptop.
    That would be $120/year. A gaming laptop would go down in value and go obsolete at a larger value than that per year.

    I never actually tried it, but it does say there is a free trial.

    It is supposed to play the games on their gaming servers instead, so you get to use a powerful computer remotely, sounds like a good idea for a lower power computer.
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