Mega Test: 13 Boards with KT266A and nForce 420D

Call me a troll, amd fanboy, whatever.. but I have a major problem with this statement from toms latest MB test:

"In extreme circumstances - for example, if the cooler fails - the processor might go up in smoke in no time flat. "

Thats just not true. The extreme circumstance would be removing the heatsink, not a fan failure.

I tested myself what happened when I disabled the CPU fan. The motherboard had plenty of time to shut down the system without any damage (but with potential loss of data). It did so nicely. That was a plain old MSI K7T Turbo board, with a cheapo worthless TT Chrome orb on a relatevely hot Duron 600@933 1.87v. In fact, even software solutions would have had plenty of time to properly shut down the system. Granted, not everyone installs these, but claiming it would go up in smoke is just untrue. Why didnt he test it ? Its not exactly hard to do..

Also, and while I know not everyone has an expensive cooler like my current Swiftech, in fact my system continues to work <b>without CPU fan *at all*</b>. Sure, my 1.4 Tbird gets hot.. around 70-75°C.. but its not going up in smoke. Its not even crashing !! (though it might eventually crash if I'd wait for a few hours, which I obviously didnt. I kept it running for 15 minutes "only" running 3DMark2001).

I agree with Tom, and probably everyone else, that implementing support for the new diode would be a good thing. But its not like the current solution is going "up in flames" because of a fan failure.

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  1. Sure, your CPU could fry. You could also get struck by lightning, win the lotto, and have Osama's illegitimate love-child. The reality is that the CPU getting accidentally fried are very small. If you don't install something properly however...

    I've been bouncing my 1.2 Athlon around in my truck, moving the tower out every weekend, and (occasionally) dropping it for 9 months now. No problems to report. What was that about a fragile mounting clip? Hmmmmm

    Of course, it's not OC'd and I'm using a fairly standard HSF too.

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  2. Just check out that video from a while ago. The cpu was smoking withing seconds. You were just lucky.

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  3. Intel, run along, if you recall from the video they removed the heatsink. Only a moron would remove a heatsink from a running computer, when a fan fails there is PLENTY of time for the system to shut down.

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  4. I agree, I mean REALLY who is more idiotic to remove an HSF, unless it is for scientific purposes like THG's one! I wouldn't imagine any bozo going about his CPU and wants to see what's inside the HSF while the comp is on. Again only for Science Purpose or a hobby of testing failures, but otherwise no one would be stupid to do that.
  5. well it's like safety features in cars

    you don't need airbags 99.99% of the time but when you do crash, it's good that they are there.

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  6. possibly...

    A. computers are not worth the same as a car (20k-40k)... except in extreme circumstances.

    B. you do not ride in, or sit on, your CPU. (except in bizare sexual practices). so when it crashes you do not die. or even get injuries (unless u headbutt the monitor in anger)

    the statistical chance of your heatsink falling off is very small. much greater chance the fan failing.

    if it does fall off. then i will either say one off two things.

    gee... thats amazingly bad luck
    sucked in for buying a stupid orb!

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  7. Here are couple of better car analogies.

    I think I will work on my fuel system while the car is running. Oops!


    How about disconnecting the cooling system on your car and seeing if it shuts itself when it starts to overheat. Hey, the engine seized! How did that happen?

    <b>We are all beta testers!</b>
  8. Some cars do have overheat protection (thermal protection?). My mini-van has such protection, and will allow me to drive for a distance of 50 miles withour any coolant at all. However, I have not tested this feature nor do I plan to.

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  9. Bad analogy. CPUs are cheap to replace, lives can not be replaced. If the heatsink falls off, you may have more serious problems especially in a tower configuration (like it landing on the back of the AGP card). It's not going to fall off unless you kick your computer really hard.
  10. I'm still surprised give the subject line that people are not commenting on the fact that the review and conclusions were utter bs anyway.

    The first Lame encoder test -
    In this test, both boards based on the nForce chipset come out on top.

    and yet 3 kt266a boards have identical times to the nForce...


    [quote[Again, both nForce boards have pummeled their KT266A challengers

    MSI nForce runs 1.2% faster than the Asus nforce, which ties another 5 kt266a boards. A very conclusive pummeling there.

    Sysmark 2000, the Asus kt266a is the cream of the crop, despite having an identical score to the closely following Soyo....

    WinAce, the MSI is top dog, despite the fact it tied the Epox.


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  11. I been building Athlons for close to 3 years. And never had a problem with the CPU over heating. I always had a heatsink, fan and a intake fan, now I have 2 4'' fans built on the case and am ready for my 1800 when it comes. Was there so much talk of this before Toms review of taking off the heat sink? Anyway I decided when my 1800 comes in that I will use a heat sink and fan, just to be safe.

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  12. I think removing the heatsink while your CPU is running equals to removing one of the front wheels while you are travelling at 50Mph.

    Then probably Tom would say

    "See, the car has crashed. GM should do something to prevent this"

    Once upon a time, after a tire change, I left the bolts loose and drove about 100 metres like that. Thanks God, the wheel didn't came out, but if that would had happen, would I blame VW for that?

    Yeah, right!!!

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  13. Why do people keep referring to someone removing the
    heat sink on purpose? I know that in the video it
    was removed on purpose, but that was just to simulate
    an entire heat sink falling off of the cpu.

    Does this ever happen? Sure, once in a blue moon.

    How much is this feature worth? well, If you
    think there is a 1 in a 1000 chance the heatsink
    will fall off of your machine in the first year,
    then its worth whatever the replacement cost
    and the annoyance cost divided by 1000.. So even
    for the most easily annoyed, we are talking a dollar
    or so here. There is unlikely to be any sort of data
    loss, because the heat sink will have fallen off
    due to the system being dropped or kicked or something,
    which almost certainly will happen when the machine
    is off. Next time you boot, poof!!
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