How hot is too hot for a T-Bird?

OK, so I've got that craptacular ECS board, the K7S5A and I'm having the 133/133 you may have heard of.

Anyway, in a nutshell, my comp works like a beauty at 100/133 (My 1.4 T-Bird down to 1.05) but would crash if I looked at it the wrong way at 133/133.

So I added 2 monster case fans, upgraded to a Dragon Orb 3 and put a Compunurse on the CPU (temp probe).

She finally works, but even idle, the Compunurse tells me she's running at 60 degrees! (The BIOS says only 50 or so.. but I don't trust it).

Is 60 acceptable? Should I be worried? Or should I ditch the board and maybe grab myself a new KT266a board? Anyone have an opinion on the new Soyo or Soltek btw..

OK, thanks everyone.

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  1. 60 Degrees is certainly to high, but I would trust my BIOS instead of that thing.
    Did you used Arctic Silver?

    Do not make illegal copies of this post :wink:
  2. If your system running stable, complete benchmark test, running 3d game without problem, then it's ok.
    If you're living in 'hot' place like me (Singapore), with room temparature of 29~32degree C, then 60 degree C is normal for TBird 1.4
  3. 60 Degrees is NOT too high. The thermal limit on the Athlon is 90-95 degrees celcius depending on the model.
  4. Thanks guys..

    OK, 32C is pretty hot, only I'm in Canada and we're getting close to winter..

    It does run pretty stable I guess (crashes if it hits 70 though), I was just making sure I'm not gonna damage anything.

    - Corri

    "The secret to creativity is knowing how to hide your sources"
    - Albert Einstein
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