I want to vga for win7

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  1. we need to know a lot more than that my friend.
    PC specs what do you want the VGA for ?just games ? what games ? what resolution is your monitor.

    That will do for a start

    Mactronix :)
  2. Do people from other country`s have what is called a sentence structure ?
    They seem to think Hello will get them an answer to there problem ?

    Not to make a too much of a fine point, but it seems every time this pop`s up!

    It`s from someone from India, Pakistan or some other way out place in the rest of the world.

    Did they loose the capacity for functional communication along the way at some point?. Making yourself clearly understood, is good way to get an answer if you have a question.
    Describing and detailing your exact problem.

    And the goal you wish to obtain, through advice, to solve a problem you may be having.

    Explaining them self, or the exact problem in details. Relevant information.

    Am I missing something here ? Maybe the rest of you could tell me an answer to a question that has no meaning at all ? Give me the answer, seriously what do you expect ?

    Or is it lack of brain power, thought process? Saying that
    Google probably foxes these people as well, the thought of even trying or, using it.
  3. Take a chill pill. Yes it seems ridiculous, but if you're not logged in there is an "ask the community" box that asks for a title and is pre-populated with "Hello," in the question box. Its not like they are doing it just to annoy you.

    This is an international forum, most of the world does not speak English as a first language, and these are peoples first posts here, possibly on any forum ever, from a not very informative box with zero instructions, just two titles not in their language. For all you know they think the title box is the question box and there's not room because they normally see labels underneath a box. Or are thinking of it like an IM and waiting for someone to engage them. Or don't actually know enough about computers to know what they are trying to ask. How would you like your grandmother's intelligence questioned because she made a mistake asking for help?

    Yes I'm given to a sarcastic "goodbye" response now and then, although I'm more hoping they'll see the issue when they pull up the thread and provide info, but deriding entire countries/groups of people communication skills and intelligence because YOU don't understand them and can't give the benefit of the doubt is not civil behavior. I always wondered why we were forced to take "cultural understanding" for engineering when we are all just people, but I see some need it.

    As an aside your sentence structure, paragraphs, punctuation, and grammar are not exactly stellar. I'd guess English isn't your first language either. Not that it bothers me. I enjoy irony.
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