The MCX-462 is installed!!! :)

well its done.
finally found time to mount that sucker.

firstly, i have never removed or fitted a heatsink before. ever.
closest i have come is watching the old fop32-1 being installed.
secondly. i did not crush the core. i did not chip the core. i did not zap any components
thirdly i dont have any special mechanical/electrical aptitude. just proper care, a slow and methodical approach, not rushing anything.

removed mobo from case (has its own detachable case side), removed ram and all connectors & cards.
too a long hard look at how the fop32-1 clip was designed. carefully and methodically removed the fop32. craploads of whitegunk all over the core. core itself was undamaged.
removed the cpu from the socket, and the mobo from the casepanel.
cleaned worst of the white gunk off. used metho to buff the core to a nice clean finish. finally found out what core ID i have:

AMD athlon

someone fill me in on the chip details... beside being an athie 1200C and a nice axia core.

while the mobo was having an out-of-case experience, i got zesty again with it.
installed a pabst 4000rpm 80mm casefan in the back, carved thru plastic at the bottom of the front panel for better airflow for the front fan (god it needed it).
i also stuck on a passive heatsink for the southbridge, didnt need it but i had a spare heatsink with sticky thermal pad. also CAREFULLY removed the passive northbridge heatsink (this version of the iwill kk266 didnt come with an active HSF)...god that was hard. very easy to scratch the back of the mobo getting it off.
attached an fan with a DECENT heatsink on the nortbridge.

On a side note... anyone notice the fan on the northbridge for the asus A7V266A? ive seen that before on my a7v133, POS. its an active 40mm fan blowing onto a flat plate... no HS below it. crap crap crap!

moving on...
attaching the MCX-462 was possibly the easiest part of this "renovation"
pop the seats thru the mobo holes. attach the hex nuts on the back of the mobo, with a dab of craft glue so they dont move.
mobo back onto caseside & screwed in...
CPU back in
ULTRA MEGA FINE layer of arctic silver... i was so pleased with that... the thinnest possible layer i could get with a razor blade :)
a wipe of the bottom of the heatsink to remove any grease or oil.
place the monster HS in place, using the holes as guidance.
this iwill mobo is well designed too, no capactiors anywhere near the socket :)
pop the screws & springs in place,
then holding the HS down lightly with 2 fingers
use a screwdriver to push the screws down at do them up till the bite. repeat for all 4 screws.
no trouble with that. piece of pie.
then just do all the screws up a turn at a time each.
remount the mobo in the case,
attach everything
attach the monster delta fan.
cut out hole at the back of the case where i stuck out the rheostat... useful as i just reach behind my computer and twiddle it for extra fan speed :)

i think the only problems were removing that damn nortbridge heatsink and getting confused reattaching the front connectors (hdd ligh, reboot button powr light etc)

then... it was time for powering up
i sput the button... nothing happened!
reached behind the computer and turned on the power for the PSU hahah
then it worked.
went into the bios, watched temps. very cool. 30 or so.


Now u will all remember that the best speed for me with the fop32-1 was 1350Mhz @ 150fsb @ 1.86v
and it was NEVER stable under fullload at or above 1400Mhz.
fop32 & 1350@150 @ 1.86v
CPU idle = 37C
CPU UD_task (standard op conditions) = 43C
CPU Maxxed out (TOAST!) = 47-48C

MCX-462 1350@150 & 1.86v
mobotemp=21C (casemods have taken maybe 1C off)
CPU idle = 34-35C (not much change)
CPU UD_task = 38-39C

now at this point i was lookin at it and seeing that my temps wernt really that much different
:( bit dissapointing.
so i rebooted, and upped things quite a bit.

now running 1450@145 @ 1.94v
CPU idle = 35C
CPU UD-task = 40C
CPU maxxed (toast) = 43C

ive upped the core voltage from 1.86v to 1.94v,
ive upped the Mhz 100+
and running at max heat output (toast) its a full 4-5C cooler than at 1350@1.86v n the fop32.

nowhere near as noticable when running normally or not fully overclocked.
also bear in mind that while UD_task (cure for cancer) is CPU intensive, it does not utilise all the pipelines, probably only around half to 2/3 of them. toast uses them ALL.

oh yes... one other interesting fact ive neglected to mention... all the reported temps for the MCX-462 are with the fan running at its SLOWEST rheostat settings *GRINS*, around 4000rpm. and its not really much noisier than the old fop32.
crank it up to 5200rpm! and the toast temp goes from 43C to 40C.

that is a nice bonus, but not really a worthy tradeoff for the vast increase in noise.
maybe only in the middle of summer.

and my PC was NEVER stable at 1400Mhz or above with the fop32.
now ive done 2 hours of toast @1450 :)
unfortunately it wouldnt behave when i tried 1500Mhz. ahh well.

i will now over the next few days increase my system bus 1Mhz at a time, thus increasing my speed in steps of 10mhz. my limit will be somewhere between 1450 and 1500 mhz.

comments? suggestions? questions?
anyone want me to shut the F**K up yet? :)


Excuse me for a moment. I need to drive my ergonomic wheely chair over a sheet of bubble wrap!
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  1. :frown:

    <b>JUST</b> after I got my MC-462-A, they had to come out with <b>THIS</b>.


    :tongue: Have you ever tried cooking an egg on your HSF? Tasty. :tongue:
  2. bout damn time! sheesh :tongue:
    good job man. actually the last time i had to put a heatsink on, i found a really useful tool, lot easier to use (i thought) than a CC or razor. a palette knife, it's thin/flexible and straight edge. i think i'm gonna get an 80mm fan for that mxc370 i got and fix up this xp and see how high i can get it. it'll have to be done just by multiplier though. got pci cards that cannot be disturbed at all :/ though @ 166 the divider kicks in, but that means new ram :frown: oh well, i've said too much. back to my crackpipe.
  3. bummer
    its the nature of the beast...

    i too was all set to get the MC-462A... but when i called they had JUST run out.
    by the time they got new stock (last week)
    it was the new model.
    lucky for me i guess

    i might be replacing the delta though...
    even at 4000rpm its a tad noisy.
    ill try one of my mega quiet thermaltakes, i suspect the temps wont change much...
    and i can always put the delta back on when we get to the middle of summer :)

    Excuse me for a moment. I need to drive my ergonomic wheely chair over a sheet of bubble wrap!
  4. hey mbetea...
    which divider is this @ 166?
    i thought most boards only had the usual 1/3 for 100mhz and 1/4 for 133.

    whats the board and chipset?

    Excuse me for a moment. I need to drive my ergonomic wheely chair over a sheet of bubble wrap!
  5. Same, I got mine on the comdex floor from from swifttech. bastard didnt take the time to pull socket 423 mounting bracket from MC-462A and put it in the MCX-462 box, it prob fits both units.

    Without my AC unit on, my CPU temp is 94F @ 2.25Ghz 1.80V at idle, I have hit 99F under load.

    I also have the Arkua, Zalman, sun flower (new HSF that ships on the P4 northwood 478 retail), wind tunnel, and regular retail hsf.

    MC-462 is best, Arkua is close second(heatpipe inside copper core), the rest are about equil other than the retail stock HSF

    MC-462 works best with fan facing down onto it like the arkua, sunflower, and zalman. Zalman comes with fan facing up.
  6. The sun flower will ship with retail Northwoods? Sweet, those look awesome.

    <font color=orange>Quarter</font color=orange> <font color=blue>Pounder</font color=blue> <font color=orange>Inside</font color=orange>
  7. it's a gigabyte ga-7vtx-p. i'm guessing a 1/5 divider. either of these fsb will give me 66.6/33.3 agp/pci:
    guess it'll be nice when pc2700 is the norm, won't have to upgrade.
  8. yaa.. swiftech have given us 2 more models, designed for the p4, the mcx423 and mcx478.
    obviously they are just the mcx462 with p4 attachments.

    and it looks like 1455 is my max overclock, can i 1460 or so, but half the time on bootup the screen turns off. bummer that.

    ahh well, 255 mhz or 21% overclock is nothin to be sneezed at :)

    Excuse me for a moment. I need to drive my ergonomic wheely chair over a sheet of bubble wrap!
  9. mbetea... u didnt tell me which chipset that mobo is... i would dearly love to know!

    Excuse me for a moment. I need to drive my ergonomic wheely chair over a sheet of bubble wrap!
  10. lol, sheeeet!
    it's on the kt266a.
  11. hmmm
    the 1/5 divider shows that Via is gettin ready for PC2700 DDR based mobo's.

    so you could whack some PC2700 DDR in there right now and would be good to go *grins*

    assuming your chippie is unlocked that is...
    either that or a wicked overclock

    Excuse me for a moment. I need to drive my ergonomic wheely chair over a sheet of bubble wrap!
  12. ya, it would be unlocked already, but i cannot find a drop of that conductive lacquer anywhere! 3 auto stores (defogger kit) and 2 radio shacks! i would like that, and would really consider it, but, i wouldn't want to give up the amount of ram i have for the speed, it's too nice. now if pc2700 was coming in 512mb flavors i would gladly pawn these 2 pc2100 sticks off and go for it. but if nothing else it might save me from a new board for a hammer next year and the ram, that way i'll be able to pop this ram/cpu into a third rig :D
  13. aren't you the one who told me to stop complaining about my temps? I told you!! I expected better, but i love the thing, i got it a week ago and although it's so hot in my room that the it goes up to 49 on the asus probe, i'm getting the card cooler XT which should make the temps drop about 10 degrees. By the way, did you record those temps with asus probe or something else?
  14. What does it run the cpu at? Is it asynchronous (133 cpu, 166 memory)?

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    email for application details
  15. So, where does one get one of those boards. I found it eventually on Gigabyte's pages, but not on pricewatch.

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    email for application details
  16. the cpu is running stock, yes 133. on pricewatch do a search for kt266a. the 'P' version is on the 3rd page or soemthing for $101. what i don't get is i haven't heard one thing about this board? no reviews, nothing. did gigabyte tick some people off(reviewers)? i haven't really run any benchmarks other than to make sure my stuff was running right, but i couldn't see how this could be a bad performing board. and i know there are quite a few that have this board now, but no complaints or problematic posts about it yet. hmm.
  17. Found it - thanks. Quite cheap really. Maybe I'll think about it. Do you run it with DDR333? I'd love to try it. It's a shame you cannot take the chip FSB up to 166 as well....

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