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HELP: FSB AMD Athlon 1800+ shows 100 Mhz!!

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November 28, 2001 5:41:46 AM


I just bought a AMD Athlon 1800+ with a MSI K7T266 Pro 2
When booting the system displays an internal CPU frequency of only 1150 Mhz.
If I speed up my FSB frequency in the bios to 133 Mhz,
the system locks up!!


Thanx in advance
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November 28, 2001 6:00:42 AM

Did you update your BIOS?
November 28, 2001 6:13:10 AM

this seems to be a recurring problem.

things you should try.

1. set your ram to cas 2.5.
2. change the FSB to 133, ensuring that any PCI dividers are divided by 4.
3. what CPU cooler are u using
4. what PSU are u using.

u see going from 100 to 133 fsp increases the energy usage and heat output. if you have a crap PSU or poorly fitted heatsink their lack of performance can cauze lockups.

get back to us... but first try what i have suggested

Excuse me for a moment. I need to drive my ergonomic wheely chair over a sheet of bubble wrap!
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November 28, 2001 9:25:40 AM

I agree with Ihgpoobaa
Frist I would change the bios to high System Performance
that on Main Menu. That will max out your cpu and ram. Then look in your Hardware Monitor Setup page 3-26 To make sure it setup right and your temp. Then I would go in Advance Chipset Feature and change your Ram. That on page 3-12.

I have the same Mother board and cpu. But Im running a 300watt ps. and Nanya Ram 1.53 gigs of ram.
November 29, 2001 5:11:45 AM

Same thing happened with my XP1600 on my epox 8kha+ board. But its no biggie, all i had to do was set the FSB to 133mhz. The default on the board was 100mhz. It was an easy change, one jumper.