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I've been searching the Internet for a way to change/customize the boot screen (not 'logon') background in my Windows 7 x64 Ultimate. It's not a big deal, but once I get looking into things - it takes on a life of its own. There's lack of programs like Stardock's BootXP for my needs. I've researched the logo.sys files etal...

If anyone has a method I will look forward to your post. Thanks.
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    Microsoft blocked changing the default flying orbs from being changed, as you said, only the logon screen can be changed.
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  3. I have used a small app called Win7 Boot Updater, allows you to change pretty much everything on the boot screen, text, animation, background colour ..etc. The software is beta so comes with the normal warnings regarding backups etc. You can get it here. or here
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