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when will amd go back

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November 29, 2001 8:49:47 AM

when will amd go back to mhz or will they ever? i'm talking about the new XPs. Intel_inside, AmDmElTdOwN, and FUGGER keep out. i have nothing against you, but i don't want a 10 page argument.

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November 29, 2001 9:07:30 AM

My guess. When they catch up in MHz

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November 29, 2001 11:22:56 AM

Seriously, who cares about MHz? All we want is performance and stability and price. If AMD can currently provide that then that's the way to go. If Intel can suddenly provide all three of these aspects then Intel is the way to go.

AMD technology + Intel technology = Intel/AMD Pentathlon IV; the <b>ULTIMATE</b> PC processor
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November 29, 2001 11:35:17 AM

What do you mean by that exactly. Why would we want the chips to slow down? We've got higher than Mhz we're at Ghz now.

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November 29, 2001 3:47:46 PM

I don't think AMD will be able to go back to Mhz or Ghz. AMD currently preforms better then Intel's platform and they probably will keep the lead with Hammer. But if you look at the details in Hammer there is not much change in the Pipeline of Hammer. It's only going to be 12 stage pipeline. That will not buy them that much Mhz. But adding the controller on the processor will give them big preformance boost. So Intel will still be leading them in Mhz, I don't know how Hammer is going to preform but No matter what Hammer will never match Intel's Ghz, since P4 was designed for Higher Frequency.

That's why AMD will never be able to go back to Mhz. I think AMD already said that their Hammer will start with 3400+ PR rating. I don't know the Frequency, since they also said that the formula for calculating PR rating will change.

November 29, 2001 4:45:14 PM


When the Northwood is released, the PR rating will lose value since the PR rating was based closely to the Wilmette core performance. Will AMD rework the PR rating?

AMD does not have stability, not sure why AMD_MAN would even put that as a plus for AMD, its just not true.

I wish we could force AMD and Intel to report "bad processors" returns/RMA so the world can see the actual failure rate of the products.
November 29, 2001 4:51:42 PM

Speculating on the Hammer thats due at least a year from now is stupid. Too many design flaws in the hammer, AMD elected to use dual cores yet declined to use SMP capabilities. The cores are not independant. Running 32bit code, the code is "zero extended", meaning they feed one of the cores zero's. 32 bits of zero's is wasted bandwidth on the bus.

It would rock if Intel used PR ratings and put PR2600 or more on the P4 2.0Ghz =P just to screw with AMD.
November 29, 2001 4:59:15 PM

AMD does not have stability...its just not true. apparently <A HREF="" target="_new">doesn't agree with you.</A> Ten out of ten for stability.

If you actually had some meaningful links, you would have more credibility.

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November 29, 2001 5:21:39 PM

It would rock if Intel used PR ratings and put PR2600 or more on the P4 2.0Ghz =P just to screw with AMD.

I actually got a chuckle out of that. They could probably do that. I mean AMD's PR rating is based off of how a previous processor would compare to the new one. Intel could do a PR rating based on original Pentiums so they would have a very high PR rating. It would be pretty humorous.

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November 29, 2001 5:51:41 PM

Hi Kelledin,

Please don't fall in to their trap. Let them Argue who is more stable and who is not. As far as I am concern if I can do everything I need to do without making my system crash then it's stable enough. And I think the reason Pople believe that AMD is not stable is because of their past. And also because of their platform (chipset). May be they do make the most stable processor. But I think they lack a decent chipset whice is as stable as Intel's offring. That is the reason why every hardcore Intel Fan believes AMD is not stable.

And About the links you want to see about stability of AMD platforms just browse though this message board you will find tons of people asking for help on AMD platforms and only few for Intel platforms.

November 29, 2001 6:01:54 PM

"If you actually had some meaningful links, you would have more credibility." - who needs links when you have all of THG forums full of problemed AMD's. Even worse, check on the mobo section.

Trust me you dont want me linking to the thousands of problemed AMD posts.
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November 29, 2001 6:07:05 PM

The only thing that AMD can't do at the moment is to cover your stupitidy, by removing the heatsink while the CPU is running.

Tomorrow I'll send a mail to Intel that I want a protection against lightning for my Pentium. Or how about this;

"When I hit my Pentium IV with a SLEDGEHAMMER, it brokes. Could you correct that in future releases?"

Get out of here FUGGER_TROLL.

Show me a single link that claims AMD CPUs are not stable. Get your head out of your *ss. Can't hear what your sayin'

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November 29, 2001 7:03:36 PM

hi. i just wanted to know if amd would go back to mhz or ghz, but fugger which i specifically mentioned he should stay out said something cool. he said "It would rock if Intel used PR ratings and put PR2600 or more on the P4 2.0Ghz =P just to screw with AMD", but we all know what that exactly means, not 2600 it would be something more like 26. not MHz just Hz. btw to all the AMD haters, i even over clock the hell out of my AMD cpus and their stable. another point is that people mess around with their amd cpus unlike people with p4s. look on THG and you'll see even they almost all the time choose amd over intel. the fact is right now amd is better than intel. so how about you help intel to get their act together and i'll buy intl.

thus us su puintluss.
November 29, 2001 7:25:50 PM

I just thought what he said was funny. I'm actually running a dual MP setup. I have been since last July. I haven't had any of these stability problems Fugger likes to spout off about. I mean shouldn't I have twice as many since I'm using two processors..... I don't know. I rarely like Fuggers post but you have to realize sometimes they are funny.

<b>Bees are on the what now?</b>
November 29, 2001 7:32:53 PM

Im sure you will buy Intel shortly after you pull your head from your ass.

Act together?
Intel has;
Thermal protection
Unmatched stability
Competitive pricing
All builders build to Intel spec not AMD
#1 in customer satisfaction
Rock solid even overclocked to hell and back
Tight developer guidelines and checks in place for builders to conform and meet. <-- non existant with AMD. Far too many bad AMD chipsets and boards. visit mobo section

Not everyone goes with AMD, like that one on front page. "dell review".

The best defense you guys can come up with is calling the Intel camp liars. The truth is we all laugh at your problems and we are on your side trying to help you see the light passed your <A HREF="" target="_new">sphincter muscles.</A>

And you talk about Intel getting act together. more like you want Intel to drop prices to 5 dollars so you can afford one.

With all your talent, I doubt you can build a machine even close to mine. pick the benchmark you think you can win at, Ill pick mine and se who wins. fair? dont whine when my clock is 2.5Ghz +

Matisaro is yet to post a 3Dmark2001 score anywhere near mine =)

Ill repeat, the best defense AMD lemmings can come up with is called anyone pro Intel liars. yet we post links and you have thousands on posts to click on to find supporting information on what we keep trying to drill thru your think skulls.

Better yet, attack my spelling or grammar thats always good for 2 points in discrediting me. Im sure your locked up on "thru" unable to figure out what my shorthand means.
November 29, 2001 7:42:19 PM

Unmatched stability

I already covered this in another thread--most people are buying/building new Athlon systems rather than new P4 systems, so of course we're going to see more bad situations where an AMD chip just happens to be in the system. The fact that the problems are usually fixed without changing the CPU doesn't exactly help your case.

Since you say you can provide so many links, I'm sure you can come up with one link describing an unstable AMD760MP system where the motherboard or CPU is at fault. We already have one link and one personal experience which says otherwise.

<A HREF="" target="_new">LFS</A>: "You don't eat or sleep or mow the lawn; you just hack your distro all day long."

P.S. kemche, scamtron, sorry. I will at least be civilized for your sake.
November 29, 2001 7:50:23 PM

For once, I agree with Fugger to some extent. He didn't severely insult anyone and he didn't call AMD garbage. I agree with all of Fuggers pros for Intel processors expect for the fact that things are designed to a supposedly universal standard, not one proprietary standard. If a manufacturer chooses not to follow the universal standard completely, then that is their problem not AMD's. AMD processors follow that universal standard.

Again, I say just GO WITH INTEL!!! GO WITH INTEL OR AMD, the price difference between the two isn't too significant so if you just want peace of mind go with Intel. If you want performance, also go with Intel, the performance difference between the two is too insignificant to claim the Athlon XP is a winner anyway. Everytime I think to myself; I find all these discussions stupid. It's just a processor! It's just a computer!! It's not like an Intel or AMD processor is going to bring world peace anytime soon.

Ok, if any of what I said sounds hypocritical or whatever then ignore it, I've been having a headache all day because I've been studying for exams so if I'm not making any sense then it's my headache. Ahhh!! History exam tomorrow!!!

I know I did all this blabbering about trolling on another thread, but after reading them over, I find that I sound really stupid. Ok, I gtg get some Aspirin now.

AMD technology + Intel technology = Intel/AMD Pentathlon IV; the <b>ULTIMATE</b> PC processor
November 29, 2001 7:54:27 PM

Your clock is at 2.5+? How did you manage that? I'm working out the specs for a new computer and if I can get that kind of performance out of INTEL, I want to know how to go about it.

Wabbit season! Duck season! AMD season! INTEL season!
November 29, 2001 8:13:48 PM

i don't have a problem with your spelling, but you have a thing for heads in asses. no one here has their heads up their asses but you. a benchmark challenge? hmm. well actually knowing how far you'd go trying to prove your point, that includes you lying, i think its better if you opened your eyes and just looked at THG. or is that too much for you. i really wouldn't give a rats ____ about your made up benchmarks.
November 29, 2001 9:53:13 PM

P4 2Ghz @ 123~125FSB core voltage will need to be raised 1.8v~1.85v in bios. Depending on the quality of your ram, you might need to set ram timing from 4/1 to 3/1 or turn turbo off (asus).

Asus P4T-E or Abit TH7-II are nice overclocking boards.

Anyway, back on topic.

Scramtron, I dont need to lie or fake any benchmark, your sounding like matisaro (your in denial) and have zero forum debate skills.
November 29, 2001 10:57:19 PM

This is not to incite a flame. When running a benchmark what kind of performance equivalent does AMD have to your 2.5Ghz PIV? I guess what I'm trying to say is what AMD Solution offers the closest performance to your processor.

Again this is a legitamite question. I'm curious. I don't want this to start a huge arguement.

<b>Bees are on the what now?</b>
November 29, 2001 11:28:19 PM

At 2.5GHz it'll probably be as fast as a 2.1GHz T-Bird, or 1.9GHz Athlon XP. Very impressive!!!

AMD technology + Intel technology = Intel/AMD Pentathlon IV; the <b>ULTIMATE</b> PC processor
November 29, 2001 11:41:05 PM

I think one of the primary reasons why the Motherboard forum is filled with AMD-related posts is because if you think about it, most Intel home users are regular/casual users and they have no idea how to troubleshoot their computer or just don't have the time to. So guess who they'll go to for a fix??? The people they bought it from (Dell, IBM, system builders... etc) Whereas with AMD, many users are enthusiasts (some are newbie enthusiasts) and are actually taking the time to learn how their computers work. I'm not saying that Intel users are lazy or dumb, just that I think on average that AMD users are more likely than Intel users to post on forums like these for their problems. Hence, the majority of AMD posts in the Motherboard section. Before last year I was an Intel-only user and I'd always take my computer to the computer store for troubleshooting. As for the stability of my Athlon, I have it on 24/7 and it never crashes on me. My system was a little flakey when I was using WinME but since I switched to Win2k it's "rock solid." That's a software issue though.
November 30, 2001 12:50:35 AM

Hey fugger i got a good one for you!

I work for a big distributor so i get real nice toys for testing purpuses,at home i got 2 systems :
1st one
AMD XP1700+
Gigabyte GA7DXR motherboard (AMD 761 chipset)
2x Quantum HD on RAID 0
ATI Radeon 8500 AIW
512Mb DDR RAM 2100
300W PSU
O/S is W2K because of ATI drivers

Intel P4 1,7Ghz
Asus P4T-E motherboard (intel 850 chipset)
512Mb RDRAM 800
Asus V8200T5 Geforce3
350W PSU for P4

My questions,whitch one of the 2 systems,do you think, is the one that everyone whants when we do a frag party?

And second witch one I prefer and why ?
One is mine the other is my wife's,i'm the gamer she's the worker.

I get to play with the best of both worlds and i have to deal every day with this question (AMD or Intel)and i got to stay objective.

Sorry for my spelling i'm french...hey i ain't perfect!
November 30, 2001 2:43:28 AM

like i said, look on THG. you'll see the damn benchmarks. now if you were here with your p4 i would take on that challenge. now why don't you use your good forum skills to write more bs just like you've been doing. again LOOK ON THE THG for some benchmarks. if you don't like what you see go to some other web site. all the benchmarks you need are right on this website.