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Hi! Im going to study multimedia design.Good laptop is required,but i have kind of small budget.
Im also happy if its runs games well.Prices are the same of these 3 laptops,just need to pick the right one.All has 4gb ram.
Thank you!

Acer Aspire 5742G PowerStation GT2
i5-480M Processor 2.66 GHz
NVIDIA GeForce GT540 1gb
640 GB (5400 pm.), SATA speed may be the downside

DELL Inspiron N5110
Quad Core™ i7-2630QM Processor 2.0 GHz
Max Turbo Frequency: 2.93 GHz
640 GB (5400 pm.) SATA
NVIDIA GeForce GT540 1gb


DELL Inspiron N5110
Core™ i3-2310M Processor, 2.1 GHz
500 GB (7200 pm.), SATA
NVIDIA GeForce GT 525M
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  1. final laptop has also 1gb GPU.All have 15,6 display,but Acer has HD!
  2. Hello Bruutal;

    Do you mean that the Acer has a LCD with 1920x1080 resolution?
  3. 1366 x 768 all of these 3 have it.
    Acer display : 15.6" WXGA; LED CineCrystal; HD 16:9
  4. Either laptop with the GT 540M graphics card will be better choices for gaming. The GT 525M is on the low end mid-range cards and the GT 540M in on the high end of mid-range cards.

    Even though its an older model (first gen Core i) the i5-480M CPU has just a bit more power than the newer (second gen Core i) i3-2310M. But both dual core CPUs are decent choices.
    The most powerful CPU is the quad core i7-2630QM (2nd gen Core i).

    If the prices are pretty close the i7-2630QM / GT 540M combo is the best all 'round choice IMO.
  5. All 3 laptops have HD screens.
    HD meaning they show HD video @ 720p on the 1366x768 screen.
  6. Prices are the same.So i should defenetly go with the 2.nd one (Dell i7) but i has HDD with 5400 speed? Isnt it low for gaming and working with 3D?
  7. damn,Dell with i7 is more expensive,about 150 dollars (100 euros).
    but Acer and Dell with i3 are same
  8. Dell i7 has 525 not 540 Nvidia.Excuse me,too sleepy.
  9. The GT 525M will run some games - just at lower settings.

    NVIDIA GeForce GT 525M review

    NVIDIA GeForce GT 540M review
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