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Got two puters and a Cisco 675 DSL set up in bridging. I want to network them all and maybe a third puter later on.
My isp is ok with that.
They suggest a hub. Everything I've read here suggests a 4 port router for what I want to do.
Why would they suggest a hub over a router?
Is a router harder to set up for a rookie?
I primarily want to network the puters for file sharing, puter to puter gaming, and sharing web access . Don't need to have it set up to game on the same internet server at the same time.
Any experts here understand what I'm trying to accomplish and have a sugestion?
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  1. A hub is by far cheaper. And if you ISP allows you to have multiple IP addresses then it is very easy to set up. You just plug the computers into the first two ports and then the DSL modem into the uplink port. A router is set up almost the same way.

    A router is expensive, but has other advantages like a built in firewall and a DHCP server. Basically it compes down to how much you want to spend. You can get a 10baseT hub for around $25 USD, but a router would cost over $150 USD.
  2. Whether a router is NECESSARY depends on how many computers you want to hook up and how many IPs your ISP provides you with. But of course, you could hook up a network by other means.

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  3. Yeah, as already said, if your ISP suggested a hub, I presume they allow multiple IPs to gain access. I'd make sure they don't have some "hidden charge" for this.

  4. Thanks for the replies!:) I realize now why my provider endorsed a hub instead of a router. After talking to someone who has a little network backround, it seems my provider may think I'll be running a small business from my DSL connection because only one IP addy is required when using a router. At least that is what I gathered from or conversation. You all probably new that. I have read bits and pieces of posts and had a rough idea of this before I plunked down the extra cash for a 4 port router. Hope hooking it up is as easy the propaganda on the box cover says it is!!!!!!!!!!

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  5. I'm not a "networking" type of guy, but if you want to learn more, you might check out some of the many articles at <A HREF="" target="_new"></A>.

  6. I just switched from a HUB network to a Router. The router I found was an SMC 70004BR for $100 at . It was fairly easy to install, DCHP would not access until I manully addresed it. Other than that I am VERY gald I changed. The hardware Firewall is very secure AND I get faster transfers. The 70004BR also has a parallel and serial port if you want to use them. The serial port for example could be used for an external phone modem as a back up to the Cable or DSL connected to the WAN port. The parallel port could be used for a printer. The parallel is not IEEE1284 so could be a minor problem with some printers. I use the printer on one of my PCs for my network main printer. I have 3 computers and any one can access the Internet without one of the others being on. I now have a NetGear 4 port HUB whic I don't need any more.

    You can read more about it at:
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