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Last response: in Windows 95/98/ME
November 15, 2000 4:33:43 AM

I am running win98SE. Quite often,(by quite often i mean during heavy use about once an hour) i will experience very serious slow down. Upon pressing 'Ctrl+Alt+Del' i notice an application running called somthing like "msg**32.exe". :mad:  It's status is 'not responding', once i shut it down speeds return to normal. However none of the program i am running are effected by shutting it down, and i can't work out which app starts it up. I have over the course of time, for many different reasons pressed 'Ctrl+Alt+Del' and checked whats running, however i have not seen this program running 'fine' ie; without the 'not responding' status. What is it and what app starts it up?

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November 15, 2000 12:55:00 PM

msgsvc32 is probably the service that is not responding.

According to Bud's Troubleshooter:

Function of the Windows 95 32-Bit Message Server

Msgsrv32.exe is a program that runs invisibly on the Windows 95 desktop and performs several background functions necessary for Windows 95 operation. These functions include:
1. Mediate Plug and Play messages among various parts of the operating system.
2. Coordinate automatic responses to Setup programs.
This includes checking whether a Setup program has improperly overwritten Windows 95 files, and optionally
restoring the Windows 95 versions of those files.
3. Display the initial logon dialog box if networking is enabled.
4. Play the system startup and shutdown sounds.
5. Load installable Windows drivers at startup and unload them at shutdown.
6. Run the shell program (usually Explorer.exe) and re-run the shell if it fails to respond.
DLL Show - MSGSRV32.EXE Module Dependency List
ADVAPI32.DLL c:\windows\system\
GDI32.DLL c:\windows\system\
KERNEL32.DLL c:\windows\system\
MPR.DLL c:\windows\system\
USER32.DLL c:\windows\system\

When I have seen this, I fixed it by removing the anti-virus, shutting down realplayer, and reinstalling dialup networking. Give it a shot!

Good luck
November 16, 2000 12:00:15 AM

Thanks for the reply, Msgsrv32.exe is the proram i was talking about. I will try out your idea's ASAP. :smile:
November 24, 2000 8:37:45 AM

Something else to track down ( although not related ) is findfast.exe - terminate it with extreme prejudice...

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