How to benchmark Virtual performance vs native performance

Hi guys,

I was wondering if ye could give me a little help, I'm doing a dissertation on virtualization and have to do some primary research, so my plan was to test the difference in performance between a physical system and a VM.

I had planned on loading up server 2008 on a real machine and a virtual 2008 on a HyperV 2008 server and than testing MS SQL performance FTP performance and Apache bench but my supervisor told me its not indicative of real world situation so does anyone know a better way for comparing performance.

Any help would be nice, Gav.
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  1. You wouldn't virtualize a SQL server. This would remain a physical box.

    You could compare running multiple servers using Hyper-V, compared to that same box only running one server.

    Cost effective and you could research the performance of each server against the single physical server.
  2. I had planned to do a performance cost analysis comparing hardware licensing power cost of each set up.

    I was going to use a linear digression to work this out but i need some way of getting some performance figures.

    What kind of loads would you recommend that I test on a virtual server?

    edit : i do also plan on doing scaling tests. but when your dissertation has to be 15000 to 20000 words and a third of it should be research you have to test a lot.
  3. Ok what are you virtualizing and how are you going about the virtualization process will effect benchmarks. If your using W2K8 as a host OS then all your VM's will incur a performance penalty from the overhead produced by the host. If you use something like VM Ware ESX server then there is little if any overhead penalty. Something like Solaris 10 zones will incur zero host overhead penalty due to how they go about virtualization.

    SQL can be virtualized fine using VM Ware ESX, even clustered. We've had big problems using W2K8 Hyper-V and SQL, we wouldn't recommend Hyper-V to anyone looking for an enterprise class service.
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