Downgrade to windows 7

HELP PLEASE - Cannot abide windows 8 and need serious help to get my new computer onto windows 7.... any tips help or advise is deeply appreciated....

I do not even know where to start or which MS 7 product to buy....??? :pt1cable:


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  1. You can buy a copy on line here:

    As to how... reinstall windows 8 and during the prep phase wipe and delete the partitions of your hard drive. As soon as that is finished, exit the installer. Replace your eight disk with a seven disk and install normally.

    I'd get home premium. If you run into issues of the, "I can't do this with home premium" kind, then upgrade to professional. Upgrading home is cheaper than getting pro right off.
  2. or use something like retroui to make 8 look and behave like 7
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