Windows 7 or ubuntu 12.10 at hosting minecraft server

can you guys tell me which operating system will be better windows 7 or ubuntu 12.10? i will be hosting a Minecraft bukkit server, and i need to know which will be better, atm i have windows 7, but i prefer getting ubuntu because i wanted to reinstall the operating system and i dont have the CD to reinstall it, but windows 7 is better at hosting servers i will keep that. And i won't be getting ubuntu server edition just because its not so user-friendly and i will be using the pc to surf the web sometimes and so something else on it, so i will not be getting the server edition, i am looking for minimal lag etc.
Thanks, please reply ASAP
Sorry that i doubleposted in another section, i just need the answer asap.
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  1. I have also heard that fedora & linux mint is a good choice, can you guys tell me which will be better from the three?
  2. Fedora, Ubuntu and Mint are all variants of Linux, which itself is built on Unix. Someone I know suggested the best way to learn servers in linux is to first learn unix. I don't really fancy the learning curve needed for Unix.

    Work with what you know. I would say to stick with Windows.
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