High definity audio sound card for notebook with line-in

Have the notebook Lenovo the connector Line-in?
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  1. Yes/No/Maybe
  2. What model of Lenovo?
  3. WR2 said:
    What model of Lenovo?

    Lenovo ThinkPad SL510 (2847RA3) model.
    Have this model motherboard audio connector pins for Line-in?
    I know the following ......

    The most sophisticated cases, besides having frontal USB ports, also have plugs for microphone (mic in) and loudspeakers (or ear phones), a feature makes installing a microphone or ear phones in a PC very easy, since we don't need to take the case and look for a place into which install such peripherals (or even loudspeakers). Moving the case is really an inconvenience, even worse if it is still fitted to an order-made piece of furniture, for instance.

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    Figure 1: Detail of case with front USB ports and on-board audio jacks.
    To use those plugs, your motherboard needs to have an integrated sound card (in other words, on-board sound). The installation, however, it is not as simple as it seems, and we will explain in today's column how it has to be done.
    A group of seven wires leaves the plugs. At the end of each wire there is a small black connector, and, in this connector, we can read the function of the wire. You will find the following wires: Mic In (or Mic Data), Ret L, Ret R, L Out (or Ear L), R Out (or Ear R) and two Gnd (or Ground). If you watch carefully, the Ret L and L Out wires are connected to each other, the same happens between the Ret R and R Out wires. If your case also has an input plug (line in), there will be two other wires: Line In L and Line In R.
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