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Hello, I have an Acer Aspire One that was running Windows 8 consumer preview. I wiped the hard drive and tried installing Windows 7 starter from a USB drive then from an external DVD drive. I set the boot order for each install in the bios, but still get the Missing Operating System error. Do I have to change any other settings in the bios? Why won't Windows 7 install? Please help. Thanks, Andy
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  1. Are your sure your install media (usb, dvd) are bootable / have a boot record?
  2. I got the ISO from Microsoft technet, and have installed other ISO's many times from there with no issues. I think it must be a bios setting.
  3. By other ISOs you mean ms office? While burning the windows iso to dvd, you need to select the "make bootable" option in the burning program. For the usb microsoft has a free program to transfer the iso to the stick and make it bootable.
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