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I have an AMD Athlon 1700+ XP CPU, SOYO DRAGON + Motherboard, 512MB DDR PC2100 Memory, IBM 20GB HDD, GeForce2 MX400 Video, Generic Floppy, Generic CDRom (54x), and ENERMAX Power Supply (EG365P-VE) 350V.. Anyway.. I was haveing problems loading up Windows XP because it would constantly lock up during installation.. But I eventually got it loaded after about 20 trys.. I got all my drivers loaded etc..

But, when I try to play EverQuest, or run any big program I lock up within seconds..

I loaded up the SmartGuardian program which came with the SOYO Motherboard and I'm geting a power warning on the VCC3 -5 VOltage.. Which is normaly supposed to be at -5V, It drops to -5.50 and -5.85 being the lowest I've seen it drop.. It will do this more freequently depending on what I'm running..

When I try to play EverQuest I leave SmartGuardian running in the background, so I can hear when it beeps.. When EverQuest loads up my character I get the Beep Warning about every 3 sec, untill I lock up..

Any suggestions? I'm kinda frustrated atm :(
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  1. This is either a problem with your power supply or motherboard. If your Enermax is causing problems I suggest you try an Antec. Enermax has the higher wattage ratings but they do not provide the best quality power on each line. Antec has high quality power at up to 400 watts. I have not heard of your motherboard so I could not say if that may be the problem. Your issue is basically that your video card draws a great deal of power and either your motherboard or power supply (or both) cannot handle it.


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  2. Thanks much :) I don't think it's the motherboard, but still a possibility.. I'll go for the cheap fix first & See if that works hehe :)
  3. Well, I do not know how 'cheap' of a fix this really is. A 400 watt Antec power supply can run you about $80. But it is the best. You may not need 400 watts, but I would stick with Antec.


    = The views stated herein are my personal views, and not necessarily the views of my employer. =
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