How to remove windows 7 from my pc and reintall it on another pc

how do i remove windows 7 from a pc and reinstall it on another one, I have a disc I bought,,, and wondered oif this is possible, i want to discard the old pc.
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  1. Take the install disk and place into the old computer, boot and select to format/delete drive partition. Reboot.

    Now insert the install media into the new computer and install following the prompts.

    As an add-value, remove the old hdd from the old computer, connect to new computer and format the drive or download some apps and perform a secure format.
  2. Is it A) a full retail copy of 7 or B) an oem ($99)/came with the pc? If A then you're good. If B, you can either call MS and beg for a break or buy a new oem copy. B-types are locked to the mobo they were installed on.
  3. If you own the copy of Windows, try calling Microsoft and tell them you are replacing the mobo (failure reasons, damaged, etc. are legit reasons after all you own it) they'll ask for the numbers on the sticker (usually on the side of the tower) and will have you run through some steps that can marry the version to the new mobo. Google is your friend btw if that doesn't help.
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