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Random BSOD, desperate plz help me

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January 29, 2003 3:51:09 AM

Ok, this problem affects my girlfriend's comp since a while.

here is the comp:
duron 800 MHz
asus a7v133-c (** latest BIOS **)
256 meg pc-133 (** MEMTEST86 approved **)
western digital HD 20 GIG
sound blaster 128 ( winXP drivers )
geforce2 MX
300w power supply
Windows XP pro

She gets random BSOD for no reason and completely at random. It can be while surfing te net, writing word document, doing nothing, each min or no in 2 days...etc COMPLETELY random.

Like just now, i booted the comp and BANG ! before it goes in windows, in DOS, it says bad configuration or something and whine about corrupt files... i reboot, fine no error..

I try to install a small prog.. VNC, i double-click on it..BANG BSOD about PNP_LIST_CORRUPT ( or something like that )

sometimes it's irq_not_less_or equal, and it seems i get a new message everytime..

I just did a complete format and reinstalled winXP pro.
I put the hyperion 4-1 and thats all no other drivers or update


i did a memtest86 on the error, checked temperature... fine about 40oC...

Can it be the HD..? nothing in windos can detect any error on it...

I really need help, because she is going mad at her comp, and i'm out of fresh ideas because i can't recreate the bug...

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January 29, 2003 6:42:54 AM

just for grins try underclocking the memory

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January 29, 2003 10:16:36 AM

Corrupted Files eh. That sux, but first things first. Open Explorer, right mouse click system drive (C:)  -> properties -> tools -> check now. Check both boxes and OK. Computer will reboot and run chkdsk (scan disk). If it finds corrupted files I'd back up and format/reinstall. If it doesn't come up with anything look into manufacturers FAQs on your hardware (soundblaster, geforce 2, A7V133) and see if that brings something to the surface with incompatibilities with XP.

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January 29, 2003 12:12:36 PM

Next time you get the error, write the whole thing down so we can look it up.

Also, what brand is that pwoer supply? If it's some generic brand, that might be the reason as well. It might be running at full tilt, when in fact, it shouldn't be (for obvious reasons). Next time you get a chance, get a quality PSU, like Enermax, Antec...


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January 29, 2003 1:35:10 PM

ill try putting the memory a 100 Mhz, and write down the next error, so foar, no error