Athlon 1700+ a little hot?

My Athlon 1700+ runs between 48-50C idle. I dunno if this is because of the case's ambient temp, (23-27C, with an Anntec 300W PSU and two 80mm fans) or my HSF assembly (Cooler Master DP5-6I31A-A1 with Antec's "Reference" silver thermal paste)
Any ideas? I'd like to get around 35-45C idle.
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  1. If it is not locking up, the temprature does not matter. Is it locking up?

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  2. Your cpu temps are probably normal. Your room temperature also has a significant effect. My system runs about 5 degrees cooler in fall and winter (in Texas), and I don't run my a/c as much as some people.
  3. Well your CPU cooler isn't exactly a good cooler but if you're not having any problems then why ask in the first place.

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  4. I do get what seems to be the occasional lockup, esp. after some games.
  5. Heatlockups are strange, in the fact that if you have a heat issue, the circumstances of the lockup are repeatable. When you reach that certain temp it locks, so if you play a graphics intensive game, it will generally lock up around the same amount of time after you start. Do you have repeatable heat lockups?

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  6. Well, if I've just finished playing say, NOLF, everything in Windows gets REAL slow, to the point that I'll reboot. After reboot, everything is fine, unless I go back into a game. I would assume the processor isn't being as stressed by just running Windows, etc. Now, if I just have Windows running and let it sit, go online and read email, log off and leave it for a couple of hours, come back and get online again, go on Morpheus, open Word, etc., it'll run perfectly fine for 20+ hours. It seems to be the graphically intense stuff that gets it into lockups...
  7. Your temps sound higher than they should be, especially with that kind of ambient temperature. My case temp normally sticks at 24C, and my CPU temp is generally at 42C idle, 51C full load. This is with a T-bird 1.33GHz, which should run considerably warmer than your CPU.

    I would suspect the HSF in this case; I currently run a GlobalWin FOP32.

    Are you running Win2K? If so, have you installed the Athlon+Win2K regpatch?

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  8. I have the same lockup issue with AMD Athlon 1700+ XP,
    It's fine when I'm doin small tasks.. like what I'm doing now.. But when I play EverQuest, it locks up all the time, or locks up during installations..

    I'm using a SOYO DRAGON + Motherboard & I loaded up the SmartGuardian, which shows Voltage, Temp & Fan speeds etc..
    I saw that I'm haveing a Power issue.. It gives a warning once in a while when I'm just doin stuff like browsing the web, but when I'm installing/playing games it goes nuts..

    Power drops too low very freequently when playing EverQuest, or installing stuff.. then locks up...

    What I have in my PC atm is:
    AMD Athlon 1700+ XP
    SOYO DRAGON Plus Motherboard
    512MB DDR PC2100 Memory
    NVidia GeForce2 MX400 Video
    SoundBlaster Live
    54x CDRom
    & a floppy
    With 4 80mm Fans, & CPU Heatsink & fan..

    Power Supply is: ENERMAX EG365P-VE 350V..

    My CPU runs at around 35-42c.. Case Temp is 25-30c

    Where my power problem is: (Gona list it how it is on SmartGuardian)

    VCore 1.70V (+12 12.30V)
    VCC2.5 2.50V -12 -12.00V
    VCC3 3.20V (-5 -5.30V)
    +5 4.99V

    When I get the warning The 2 readings in parentheses drop
    The +12 drops to 11.03 on average, lowest I saw before lockup was 9.70
    The -5 drops to -5.60 on average, lowest I've seen before lockup was -6.31.

    I'm running Win XP Professional. When I'm running small programs, I get the warning rarely, but when installing something from CDRom it goes off about every 5 sec. untill I lock up.. Same thing with playing big Games like EverQuest, or Diablo II..

    Someone (on Tom's Hardware actually) recommended an Antec Power Supply, so I'm gona go get that tomorrow :) Unless anyone els has some other suggestion hehe..
  9. Hmm.. That didn't post right I just realized hehe

    It's listed on SmartGuardian like this:

    VCore 1.76V +12 12.31V
    VCC2.5 2.39V -12 -11.90V
    VCC3 3.31V -5 -5.21V
    +5 4.99V

    Under the +12V part it sometimes drops to 10V was the lowest I've seen it drop too..

    Under -5 -7 is the lowest I've seen that one drop too.. Those are the only 2 that drop too low really..
  10. i have AMD Athlon TB 1gh with soltek-SL75KAV MB, and i am using Globalwin FOP38 and the heat is 50-52C light-medium load, my room temperature is about 27C, so is that ok?

    anyway, what do you mean by installing Athlon+Win2K regpatch? what is that?

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  11. i do not think that 40 something or 50 somthing C will lead to stop your computer, if you check the specification of the AMD CPUs you will find it could reach more than 70, however i doubt that there are some options in the motherboard will stop the computer from running when the temperature reachs for the say degree. Check that in the bios

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  12. I run Windows XP, and there was an update for XP as well, which I did download.
    I'm figuring it's probably the HSF assembly, which I more or less got for free, so I will be changing that sometime soon. I had used Antec's "Jet Cool" CPU cooler with the copper core for a previous AMD system, and was pleasantly surprised with the results. Some sites had it rated just below an Alpha cooler in terms of overall quality.
    I will also be picking up Antec's 350W dual fan power supply, because I can get a decent deal on it. Since I've never had a dual fan power supply, I will ask here: Does the second fan face down towards the CPU? I would think so, if it's a "sucking" fan. Putting a "blowing" fan facing up wouldn't seem to be to be a good idea, as it'd just be blowing hot air onto the case ceiling.
  13. 27C == 80F! That's rather high for a room in my book; I would be feeling stuffy with that sort of heat. 22C (72 F) is supposed to be "room temperature" and is about what my room stays at.

    There's a 2C difference between my room temperature and ambient case temperature, mostly because I have pretty good airflow in my case. I would expect that with a room temperature of 27C, your ambient case temperature might be about 30C.

    Moral: you might want to get your room temperature down a bit. :wink:

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  14. I myself haven't had a dual-fan PSU either--well, not that would fit in a standard ATX case, anyways. I would expect the second fan in a dual-fan PSU to be blowing upwards. The way airflow is supposed to work in a standard ATX tower is for the intake fan in the front to draw air in from a low altitude. Since warm air rises, the PSU and rear exhaust fans are supposed to exhaust air from a higher altitude. It would seem to me that a fan blowing downwards would be fighting a tower's normal airflow...

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  15. hahahaha
    u should come to australia in summer
    i dont have AC, and the room can get up to 32C! (90F)

    wonder why i wanted a swiftech MCX-462 besides overclocking? :)

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  16. Bah, I live in Texas, where 47C summers are a way of life. j00 have nothing on me. :wink:


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  17. no... 27 and 50 is quite ok.

    ive done a minor study of temps...
    using mobo, cpu and a digital thermometer as my room is unairconditioned, so can very from 16C to 32C.
    usually around 19-20.

    (these numbers were achieved using my old heatsink... havnt got enough data from my new one yet)

    40 17 16.0
    41 19 18.5
    43 21 19.0
    44 22 20.0
    45 24 22.5
    47 26 23.5
    48 25 23.5
    49 26 25.5

    theres alot more data... but when plotted u get pretty linear relationships between room temp and mobo/cpu temps. for every degrees rise in room temp expect 1-3 degrees rise in mobo/cpu temp.
    Course the better your CPU cooler the flatter the gradient of rise.

    thus if your room is 27C, dont expect your cpu to be 40C unless your using a mcx462 or watercooling.

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