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300W Power Supply sufficient for AXP?

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December 2, 2001 9:39:32 PM

I have three hard disks, a cd writer, dvd-rom drive, SB Live sound card, GeForce2 MX 400 video, network card, 384 MB memory (128 + 256), and a 1ghz Athlon. Currently, my 300W power supply is sufficient, but I plan to upgrade to an Athlon XP 1600+. Should I have to worry at all about needing a better power supply?

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December 2, 2001 10:43:35 PM

The powerusage should not be an issue for such a small increase in power demand.

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December 2, 2001 11:05:06 PM

find out.
put in the new chip.
if it locks up randomly then u may need a new psu.

to check, you can also use motherboard monitor to keep an eye on your voltages. voltage dips and spikes under full load are a telltale sign of insufficient/struggling PSU.

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December 3, 2001 8:23:11 PM

I was gonna make a thread soon but here goes:
I have 2 HDDs, will have one 16*10*40 CDRW, SBLIVE, Ethernet, GF3 Ti200, 3d Glasses from Asus(do they consume from PSU?), 17" monitor, 256DDRRAM, AXP 1600 with Epox 8KHA+.
Is all that enough for 300W? Look I am short on money so I can only go 10$ more. I will get an Antec P303X 300W. It's that or nothing. Plz tell me if that is enough.
December 3, 2001 8:31:22 PM

should be. antec is a decent quality brand.
the ones u should watch out for ane the generic ones.
the real problem is that quality varies so much between brands, from super cheap generic to enermax.

my friend had an athlon 1.4 and a 350W 'generic' psu. and it kept crashing till a month later the psu curled up its toes and died with a 'burnt electronics' smell.

Excuse me for a moment. I need to drive my ergonomic wheely chair over a sheet of bubble wrap!