Dell XPS screen is black

I was using my Dell XPS 1530m with the famous nVidia 8600 GT card that overheats.

It went black. i closed it for a full day, called Dell and by some miracle it showed a screen garbled, rebooted in safe mode and it started working.

I did work on developing web sites in Visual Studio. everything was fine.

I turned on world of warcraft ( big mistake ). 5 minutes later video goes black.

Rebooted 50 times since then. I hear the windows chime and what not, so i know the mobo is ok.

Do you think this is video card and i'm screwed or could it be the lcd? i just need it on long enough to grab my data off.

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  1. in order to grab your data off you can pop the HDD out and hook it up to an external casing and use it as an external drive or connect it to another computer and copy the data.

    In terms of what the problem is, if you know your videocard was overheating (I'm not sure why you kept pushing it after you knew you had a problem...) then its most likely the thermal damage that's causing the gpu not to work. I doubt it's the LCD since if it was working fine during normal windows operation there's no reason for it to start malfunctioning when displaying wow.
  2. Yeah I didn't know it was overheating. Should have.

    Can you recommend the casing I should buy? I have a new aloe ware coming Friday and I'd like to buy it now.

  3. it's really up to you on the styling, the casings like that are really very simple inside so there's really not much difference except for exterior design and price that you will see.
  4. K cool thanks. I was just worried about the data. Oracle expects my web site done Friday. :(
  5. Hi,

    Boot up your laptop and wait for the black screen to appear.

    Press CTRL+ ALT+DEL keys, all at once, and then choose the ‘Task Manager’ option.

    When you click the ‘Task Manager’, Go to the ‘Application Tab’ and then Click on ‘New Task’.

    Now enter the command given below:
    “C:Program FilesInternet Exploreriexplore.exe” “”

    Select ‘Ok’ to let your browser start up and initiate the download.

    Get more Information to fix black screen error:

    Hope this helps you.
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