How do i make a factory default disk for my laptop?

I have a gateway laptop. I didnt make the factory default disks for it when i bought it last week. I would like to do that now. How do i get it started. I bought another laptop for another family member and his came up for me to do it. It takes 4 disks to make it.
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  1. I'm not sure about gateway laptops, I've only seen this in an HP laptop, but anyways, HP action center had an option to make recovery disks and it made sure to send frequent reminders about it. If not, take a look at windows action center, it might have some information regarding the recovery disks in there. If not, take a close look through your start menu and desktop icons. There's a possibility it was installed as a separate program group that you have to run on your own. There's also a possibility that your computer has a recovery partition set up as part of the primary hard drive (typically this would appear as local disk D: and will have something like RECOVERYRECORD name on it. Look in it if you have it, there might be shortcuts there to recreate the similar recovery partition on a CD/DVD.

    best of luck, and perhaps someone with an acer laptop can give you more detailed information as I'm just taking my guesses as to where it could be.
  2. I went to the start menu and in the search bar put "recovery management". It brought me right to what i needed to make the recovery disks.
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