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lol sorry but no one ever looks at the other forums.

i wanna get this scanner HP Scanjet 5470CXI. But i'm getting mixed reviews on it and right now it's either the HP scanner or the Epson perfection photo scanner. Does anyone have this scanner that they would like to share there opinions on?


and to make it cpu related... i should be getting my athlon Xp 1600+ today! lol so ya...

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  1. All USB and Parallel scanners suck, because of the slow data tansfer rates. Most SCSI scanners to a good job at much higher speeds. Get a cheap SCSI external interface card and a nice SCSI scanner.
    I don't know much about USB 2.0 or Firewire scanners, since Firewire is expensive and USB 2.0 is new. But SCSI scanners are generally 8 to 10 times the speed of USB, the SCSI interface is more reliable, and high quality SCSI scanners are getting cheap, do to its loosing popularity.

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  2. I currently use an Epson Expression 1600 SCSI scanner. Works like a dream, transfers very fast, excellent quality scanning. Can be bought with a FireWire port, or upgraded later for FireWire connectivity.

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  3. hmmm ok thanks.

    I know about Small Computer Systems Interface (SCSI).

    But if you can help me find a cheap SCSI card ... lol ... they range from 150 to over 300 dollars. Add the cost of a scanner thats 700 dollars. Pretty insane for a scanner. I'm not a profesional scannist i just need something to scan in notes very good. So i do need a decent scanner not something professional though.

    So if you had a choice on USB scanners or even firewire. firewire is twice the speed of SCSI and it is cheaper (the fire wire card). at least from what i hear and see.

    From cnet that epson scanner (perfection 1650 PHOTO) is number one. *shrugs*

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  4. I would go with the Epson.

    I have an HP Scanjet 3300. It is very disappointing. Scans are sharp, but you have absolutely no way to adjust the brightness, contrast, and color levels during the scan. You can only do this once the scans are saved, and you then use a third party software such as Photoshop to make adjustments in the created image.

    I always find myself making the same adjustments to all photos that I scan. The HP scanning software should allow me to specifiy these adjustments during the scan time.

    I don't know if the 5470 allows you to make these adjustments during scan time. Check into this thououghly before you buy.

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  5. thanks for the input!

    I did do some research after i posted. And i checked and the epson is number 1 and the HP scanner is number 3.

    I checked the reviews for both and the consistent problem HP scanner has is that it's too hard to set up, tech support is really bad, and the scanning of negatives is horrible. Where the epson there is no competent negative things said about it besides the manual. the 3 negatives it does have are not consistent and either the user is entirely stupid (which you can tell by the stone age slang "Bad software Bad color quality Get an HP 4470c" for example) or it was a defective scanner. Funny thing about that review is that they gave quality a 2, 5 being the best, where they gave "features" and "value" a 1. And considering there comments point out it has bad quality and they are giving it a 2 shows a contradiction. Hence a stupid person. lol!

    sorry i tend to analyze things! heh

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  6. i am facing the same case, i have 2 options: -
    HP Scanjet 5490C
    Epson PErfection 1650 photo

    i checked Zdnet site and it seems epson is better than hp over there, butmy friends told me to buy hp.........but i believe they did not try epson so they do not know whether it is better or not at least for this series of scanners.
    i am still trying to find other sites where they reviewed both scanners but i could not find any.
    for me the quality is better than the speed since the speed will differ by less than 5 seconds (of course this only for parallel and usb, i am not into scsi or firewire because of its high price), however what i understood from zdnet review that epson produces better quality than hp (for these both types) and it is cheaper, therefore i think i am going to epson

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  7. check out and go under reviews and then scanners.

    right away you see the epson scanner as number one and has good reivews where the HP scanner has a consistent negative thing about it which i mantioned.

    I think i'll get the epson too after christmas.


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  8. I buy used systems for $5 each to get my SCSI cards. That's right, almost any SCSI card would do, ISA external device cards start at around $8, internal/external SCSI II PCI cardds start at around $20. Or you can simply buy an old workstation or PC-based fileserver to get one, like I do.

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  9. Go for the Epson perfection - I've been told the scan quality is pretty good. Not the best out there but vfm realted they are pretty fine.

    I used a mustek 1200 and thought that was ok - but the perfection is better than that.

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  10. Does any one know what the Black widows are like - or are they too over hyped. I'm looking for a scanner which provides me with good picture quality. to match with a decent printer. Are colour laser printers still stupidly expensive what is the quality like on them?

    Basically I'll be making my own Cd albums and want to scan in images and print them off on cd lables, sleeves etc. So the print quality needs to be fairly fine to get a proffesional image. Not bothered about speed just quality.

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  11. The HP scanning software assumes the user is too stupid to have ANY CONTROL over color, brightness, and contrast at scan time. I have written to HP many times complaining about this, and their response was that ADOBE image software is supplied with the scanner, and that can be used to adjust the image to my preferences AFTER the scan is saved as an image file.

    It wouldn't be so bad if the HP software had good color judgement. But, in my opinion, it is color blind!

    Waste of time. My next scanner will be the Epson Perfection.

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