Booting with different version of windows?

Hi all, I have just bought a new laptop (Packard Bell), which has Windows 7 Home Premium installed.

I want to use the hard drive from my old laptop as it's faster and has all my data already stored on it. It has Windows Ultimate installed.

Ive tried putting the old hard drive into the new latop, but it won't boot Windows. I just get a flash of a blue error screen, and then the option to repair Windows (which doesn't work!).

Is it possible to get the laptop to boot from the old hard drive as it is, or will I need to do a clean install to get it working?

Thanks in advance.

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  1. Probably needs at least a clean install. The problem with laptops is the version of Windows that come with them is heavily customized for that laptop. If you put the hard drive from one laptop into a totally different model laptop, all the customizations and drivers will be wrong.
  2. why do people want to use a crappy cluttered install on another machine all the time? wtf?


    you will NEVER get full performance from just shifting a drive to another pc (thats IF if even boots to desktop/login) its a stupid idea full stop.
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