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i have a compaq pressario f700 notebook with a bad video chip ie it needs a new motherboard i could replace it or sell the whole thing for parts how much is a good price
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  1. Hello 1GLENNWOOD;

    You can find online listings for used, but working, Compaq Presario F700 for an auction listing of $102.50 20bid on the this laptop.

    Here is a
    Compaq Presario F700 listed for $90 without a working motherboard.
    No bids on this item.
  2. Watch the auction on that used but working Presario F700. What ever it sells for, subtract $80 for the cost of a used motherboard and you have about what your laptop is currently worth. I think the low price for a refurbished motherboard is $145.

    Here is a refurbished Compaq Presario F730us (a better model than yours?) for $175, with warranty.
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