Another 1k$ gaming laptop suggestion

So i need a 17 inch screen for gaming laptop, should be able to play the recent and the upcoming games atleast in medium settings... i can spend till 1k $ and i live in US.

As far as i researched i have the following options

Built on Clevo W170HR

OR (will there be any issues if i am getting refurbished ones ??)


i am open to new suggestions also, i am very new at the US way of buying things (rebate, discount, deals and stuffs) so please help me get an awesome gaming maching :)
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  1. ASUS G73JH has a slower CPU compared to the other 2 laptops but it's got a much more powerful GPU
  2. Asus G73Jh sometimes beats never models (G73Jw, G73SW) in some games exactly for that reason (GPU) - or at least keeps up. However, be careful - many G73Jh's still don't have USB 3.0 on them, so choose your configuration very carefully.
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