My ultimate dream game would be a strategy-type game like Star Trek Armada II but one that re-enacts the Dominion war. I want to be able to play out each battle strategically. I want to have full control over Deep Space 9. I want to be able to make key decision like whether to call in for reinforcements or not. I don't want it to play out like the war on Star Trek: DS9 exactly, but I want to be able to fight for DS9, I want to be able to fight Dominion Ships, I want to be able to make allies with the Romulans, the Kiligons, the Cardasians. I want to be able to see the worm hole and create a mine field with torpedo turrets and I want to be able to cloak those turrets. I want to be able to cloack the Defiant!

This would be my dream game! What about you?

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  1. I'd describe mine, but I don't think it would be legal in all countries :redface:

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  2. Would it involve young children or the torturing of small cute furry animals?

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  3. More specifically, young children performing the torture of small cute furry animals.

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  4. damn... thats more star trek than i can handle... i almost had to stop reading that post ;)
    my dream game has always been some sort of Lord of the Rings rpg type game. i heard about the middle earth mmorpg about a year ago and freaked out but news seems to be dead about it lately... has anyone heard anything?
  5. They've gotten close to what I would consider my dream game...Freedom Force with more RPG elements and a fully controllable world..

    Even though it's way older, X-com has to be the ideal strategy game for me...their was no greater pleasure than throwing an H.E. charge into a building crawling with aliens and leveling the structure :D

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  6. A game I would really love is a strategy game that includes the whole world. There would be multiple play settings. Like your goal is to keep the world in line, so if separtist groups threaten population safety you take in your special forces and wipe them out or capture them. Or you specify that a war would start and you'd have to protect yourself or you could wage war on another country. But the whole while you'd be like the overall commander with the ability to zoom into a battle field whereever in the world and take command. Also you'd be able to leave whenever you wanted to and look at the overall picture. It would also be real time so that you wouldn't be able to build tanks and have them streaming out of a factory that fast. Also you'd be able to specify what kind of load out you want for everthing and you can do modifications in the field on a tank for example. During the years of peace, you can design and build ships/aircraft/tanks/weapons to your own specs and some would work and others not. You'd have to pass bills and laws through your government to certify your needs and so forth. Basically I'd like a war-strategy game where you control all the variables and make it as real as possible.

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  7. I already found my <A HREF="" target="_new">ultimate game</A>....

    The itsy bitsy spider climbed up the empires state building, along came goblin, wiped the spider out
  8. Sounds like a nightmare! I hate games where you have to micromanage.

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  9. REally I love those kind of games. You have to plan out your strategy so much in advance and it gives you so much more flexibility to attack through a weak spot whereas, if you're limited to certain map, there's only so many ways you can attack someone.

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  10. I bet you loved Civ3. I just couldn’t get into it once I had lots of cities. Just to tedious. GTA3! Now that’s a game! Just killing and driving and not much thinking! But then again I like chess but only games under 20min. I guess I can only think for 20 minuets at a time LOL.


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  11. Yeah, I have that game and play it day and night. The only thing I don't like about it is it gets kinda slow (gameplay not computer) and it runs on turns. I'd much better like it if it where real-time. Anyone played Jane's Fleet Command? It's a great game.

    I'm gonna try to get my hands on a copy of GTA3. My buddy has it and is gonna give it to me when I have the time to install and try it out.

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  12. Trust me, if you ever played a good small-squad, turn-based strategy game like Xcom or Jagged Alliance 2 you wouldn't be thinking "not enough strategy because I can't go around the world"

    Xcom was just great, the only bad thing is you couldn't get into a prone position, so even hiding behind a rock get's you shot sometimes.

    JA2 was just either buy or develop a sniper type character then hire 2 or 3 patsies to flush the baddies out...great fun.

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  13. SMB
    Say no more...that´s my dream game.

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  14. super mario brothers?
    am i right?!?!
  15. Quote:

    damn... thats more star trek than i can handle...

    I believe I can safely say that I've watched every single Star Trek episode at least 3 times. I've seen some probably more than 20 times though. I've seen all the movies at least 2 or 3 times.

    Now, I don't go out and dress up like a Klingon or anything, but I do LOVE Star Trek!

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  16. Hey you sound a lot like me, except I've not seen the episodes that many times. I really really like Star Trek too. There are a couple episodes I really liked.

    1. The one where the Federation goes to take back DS9.
    2. The one where the dominion attacks DS9.
    3. The Finale of Star Trek Voyager. (The "metal" shielding thing was ultra cool!!)

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  17. My dream game... hehe, give me, 8 years and it will be on store shelves.

    1 year of high school
    4 years of University
    3 years development

    It will be an RPG but I guarantee an RTS player would enjoy it too. It will be more indepth than anything created. It will be simple for people who want an escape gaming experience or a thrill for anyone into micromanagement.

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  18. hehe, it better be something fantastic! In 8 years, PCs will have advanced far beyond what they are at now! People will probably be expecting true to life IQ (image quality) games by then.

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  19. My dream game would be a game, where you start as a baby, and have to learn all the to old age. It'll be like a Life Sim. You make choices for your character thru the game, so you choose if he becomes in the army, joins a gang, or anything. That would be pretty coo. I wonder if theres anything like that.

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  20. i wasn't trying to put down star trek or anything. i WAS a huge star trek fan during the origional and tng series'. i guess im more of a casual fan. i lost a lot of intrest with the newer series' though.
  21. ive started my long task of ripping every episode of star trek, tos and stng, thats going to take a lot of cds!

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  22. Pheww!!! Where you gonna find all these episodes? Man that's gonna take a long time.

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  23. they are all on dvd, i got a netflix account : ). im also doing xfiles. before you all go thinking i have no life, it only takes a min to start it encoding, then it does all the work while im away. i figure it will take a couple years, they arent all released yet.

    how do you shoot the devil in the back? what happens if you miss? -verbal
  24. OMG ARE YOU A TREKKIE, I HAVE STAR TREK AND STAR WARS. they are soo soo cool. None of my friends appreciate it, I keep telling them they are deprived. But once a trekkie always a trekkie. thats what i say.

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