Cooling Fan for Athlon XP 1600+

I'm considering an Athlon XP 1600+ and would like to know a good cooling fan to get.

I'm considering the following fan:
Thermaltake VOLCANO 6Cu. Heatsink + Dual Ball-Bearing Fan, FAN Speed: 4550±10% RPM. Max. Air Flow: 32CFM. Pure Copper base & contact face.

I have a few questions about this fan?

1. Does it have the potential to mess up my processor? I know there was a certain fan that was especially prone to messing up a processor when installing it. Was it the Red Orb?

2. Will AMD honor still their warranty on the processor even with this fan?

3. Is there any other potential problems with it?
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  1. 1. No. The early orbs were prone to cracking cores, but that's all.

    2. Are you getting the retail Athlon? If so, just use the heatsink/fan that comes with that. Otherwise, you don't have much of a warranty.

    3. Nope, it's a good heatsink for the price.

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  2. Well, is a 3 year warranty really necessary? I've never heard of a processor going bad. EXCEPT for when you first install it and do something wrong or find out it's bad.
    The reason I was considering an OEM version over Retail is because it's gonna cost me less to buy the fan and an OEM version than to just get Retail.

    BTW, How's the sound level on this thing? I wish I had some point of reference. I just don't know how loud say a 31db fan is.
    Currently I have a 166MHZ Cyrix and a 400MHZ AMD k6-2 so I suspect those fans are much quieter.
  3. Lets just say 31db fan is kinda loud but is pretty quiet compared to others. My brother has the same fan and cpu. His avg. cpu temp is ~42ºC and gets up to ~48ºC on a heavy load. His room is next to mine so when he leaves his pc on at night, i can hear it. I would say this is a pretty good fan and it isn't expensive.

  4. I use the Thermaltake Volcano 6cu with an overclocked Athlon 1600xp. Do yourself a favour and buy some Arctic Silver II for the thermal paste, and take your time applying a smooth thin coat. Beware the clip on the 6cu, as it requires some force to put in place. Ensure you use a flat-end screwdriver that fits nicely, or you'll slip and drive it through the mobo :) I actually used my large hex key to push on the horizontal part of the clip higher up, then used the screwdriver to push the clip in place.

    The generic thermal paste with the 6cu on the 1600xp (o/c to 1512Mgtz) had a standing temperature of 38c, and under load a temp of 45c.

    With the Arctic Silver these temps dropped by around 5c, so that now my average temp is 33c, and 38-40 under load.

    Dans Data ( have reviewed this heatsink/fan well, suggesting it's big brother, the 6cu+, while it has a more powerful fan, doesn't lower temps much beyond the lower rpm fan of the 6cu, and is considerably noisier to boot. So for the price, and with some nice goop, this is a very nice choice imo.
  5. The retail heatsink is the perfect blend of cooling and noise, and is perfect if you do not plan to overclock.

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  6. If you look around you can get the Retail same price as OEM. When the amd 1800 OEM where going for $200. I look around and pay $200 for Retail. It just take you looking around.
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