Toshiba Satellite L635 vs Asus K43

Toshiba Satellite L635
i5, 2.6GHz, 640GB HDD, 4GB RAM, 512MB ATI

i5, 2.3GHz, 500GB HDD, 4GB RAM, 1GB NVDIA

Both have interesting specs but I can only buy 1.
I would like to know the pros and cons between the 2 in terms of the ff:
Performance, speed, trouble spots, ease of use, life expectany without hardware trouble, battery life though am planning to use more plugged-in, better screen view, and screen resolution
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  1. Hello The Foxer;

    Please post links or specific model numbers with compete & accurate specs.
    You did none of those things.
  2. And you should probably describe your requirements or how you intend to use the laptop.

    The question we usually want to see answered are in the form shown in the sticky topic:
    FAQ - Read before buying / considering a laptop
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