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Install Windows 7 without disc on blank HDD

Hi Guys,

I'm currently in the process of buying a new laptop and one of the ways that I can save money on it is by getting it without an OS installed onto it.. I'm able to get windows 7 off of MSDN for free because my university has some sort of partnership with them or something, but obviously this is just a download and not a disc.

Therefore I was wondering if it is possible (and how is it possible) to install an OS onto an internal blank HDD without having a disc (i haven't downloaded it yet but i'm guessing you download it as a zip or maybe .iso and they send you a key as this is how it worked for other software I've got off of them)

Any help is very much appreciated,


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    If the download is an ISO file (that's usually how Windows is distributed online) you have to make a DVD from it on a working computer, using software such as the free IMGBurn from here:

    That DVD, when created, is to all intents & purposes just the same as a shop-bought Microsoft Windows 7 DVD, and you can boot your new laptop from it to install Windows 7.
  2. Ah! of course, why didn't I think of this!

    Thanks very much Phil
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