Time to upgrade....need some info.

i've been looking over this site and forum for a while now and with the new job i've gotten i can finally get my pc upgraded. i did "some" research with a friend and i was really leaning towards getting an Athlon XP 1600 with the Epox 8KTA3 Pro. the one thing i need to ask is this board 100% compatable with the XP line? i read somewhere that there's "unofficial" drivers on an Epox ftp but natively the board doesnt support the cpu. anobody know for sure? thanks for any help.
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  1. Best Idea is talk to the company that Sells EPox 8KTA3 Pro. They should beable to tell you. Some motherboards even have Fourms Like MSI dose.
  2. use the 8KHA+ with KT266A chipset and DDR RAM, its almost twice as fast as the 8KTA+ and much overclockable!

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